IN FOCUS: ‘Why do we pray?’

How many times have you been asked this question? How have you responded? If God already knows what we are going to ask, then why ask?

DOWN HOME: Alarm clock should ask: Are you sure?

When the alarm went off too early, I remembered the song Mother, a devoted pastor’s wife, sang to me practically every Sunday morning for more than 18 years.

2nd Opinion: Learning church from Shepler’s

Shepler’s, the 110-year-old retailer of Western wear, reflects the diversification and multichanneling that can show the way forward for the Christian movement in America.

IN FOCUS: A state-sponsored Ponzi scheme

How different is state-supported gambling from Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme?

Quotes in the News: Moment of silence

“A moment of silence is not a government endorsement of religion just because someone might use the time for prayer.”--David Cortman

RIGHT or WRONG? School prayer

My child’s kindergarten teacher taught him a prayer, which his class recites before lunch. Do you think that is OK, or should I talk to her?

DOWN HOME: Devious squirrels in the attic ... again

The squirrel problem keeps showing up—unannounced, uninvited, destructive and always one false step away from stinking up my life.

Opinion: The future of American Christianity

Trinity College’s American Religious Identification Survey, released March 9, helps to clarify that recent budget cuts in Baptist life  dovetail with a broader fade of organized American Christianity.

Cartoon: First politically incorrect statement

Cartoon: The first politically incorrect statement

2nd Opinion: Press freedom a Baptist ‘trophy’

During the 400th anniversary of the origins of the Baptist tradition, let's not forget the reality of squeamishness and censorship.

Quotes in the news

“There are a lot of people on the lowest rung of Jacob’s Ladder, and we must somehow reach down, given them a hand, and make them want to climb.”--Dave Brubeck

RIGHT or WRONG? The worst '-ism'

Racism or sexism: Which is the more virulent “ism” in our society and churches?

DOWN HOME: No, I’m not a grandpaw

How a spelling error almost made Marv a grandpaw.

IN FOCUS: Drought, depression and our churches

Now is the time for Christ followers to reflect God’s hope and compassion that flows through the lives of believers to those in need.

RIGHT or WRONG: Poverty

More and more people are talking about dealing with global poverty through “micro-enterprises.” Is there any merit to these ideas for alleviating poverty?
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