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“Christianity is a religion for sinners. It doesn’t encourage you to sin; it encourages you not to. But it provides a way of forgiveness and redemption. That’s what Tiger Woods, like many sinners, needs.” --Brit Hume

2nd Opinion: Finding a 3rd—Baptist—way ahead

I believe there is a path ahead for us that can learn from both Canterbury and Azusa Street but that reflects our own indigenous, organic history. It is a path that can mean a vibrant future for Baptists.

IN FOCUS: Are you ready for Resurrection Sunday?

These final few weeks of Texas Hope 2010 are the most important part of the mission. We should give it our best effort.

RIGHT or WRONG? Ministry to immigrants

I tell our Sunday school class the stream of immigrants pouring into our city represents more of an opportunity than a challenge. What can we learn from them about doing mission with more integrity?

DOWN HOME: Unexpected sorrow relieved by faith

During the past few days, our family has experienced an unimaginable high and an almost-unbearable low: Lindsay lost her baby.

Cartoon: Haman as a boy.

Cartoon: Haman as a boy.

Reading the Culture: Will America join the global awakening?

America can go the way of Europe. Or America can heed the call of God.

2nd Opinion: Thanksgiving: The opposite of faith

Why do we find it difficult to voice praise to God with any confidence for future blessings.

IN FOCUS: It’s time to change the conversation

The Global Language Monitor has announced “Twitter” is the top word for 2009. It is followed by “Obama,” “H1N1,” “stimulus” and “vampire.” The top phrases are “King of Pop,” “Obama-mania,” “climate change,” “swine flu” and “too large to fail.”

Quotes in the News

“Churches need to realize that kids are not the church of the future; they are the church of the present. The church is not merely to reach the adults, but to reach the entire body of Christ.”--Donald Ratcliff

RIGHT or WRONG? Emerging Church

Our church just hired a pastor who is young enough to be the child of many members. His language about “the emerging church,” “postmodernism” and “interfaith dialogue” distresses older members.

DOWN HOME: Top Christmas gift to arrive later

Our family’s greatest news of the Christmas season provided a harbinger of one of our grandest events of 2010: Lindsay is expecting a baby.

2nd Opinion: A tale for both Christmas & Easter

My favorite nonbiblical Christmas story has always been How the Grinch Stole Christmas. That, for sure, could have nothing to do with the Christ story from the Gospel of Luke, right? Well, yes and no.

IN FOCUS: Participate in Day of Hope and Prayer

The foundation for Texas Hope 2010 always has been prayer. I am unfamiliar with any noteworthy awakening that was not preceded by a significant commitment to prayer by God’s people.

Quotes in the News

“Christmas leads to Calvary." --Jim Denison
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