IN FOCUS: Telling stories of Christ & Texas Baptists

Our stories hold Texas Baptists together. We share common commitments, values and vision. Yet many Christ-followers share the same. What makes us unique?

Quotes in the News

“It is the very fact that I cannot manipulate, coerce or control God that makes me able to trust God, for if I could overpower the Almighty, so could someone else"-- Jeanie Miley

RIGHT or WRONG? Water as a weapon

James Workman has written a book, Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought. Is this another example of the paradoxical nature of simplified living, only applied on a global scale?

DOWN HOME: Cecil Sherman: No other like him

Baptists lost one of our true giants when Cecil Sherman died April 17.

In Focus: Was Texas Hope 2010 a success?

Now it is time to evaluate Texas Hope 2010 to learn what has happened over these past two years. Are there communities or people groups that have been neglected? How effective are the strategies and tools we are using to share the hope of Christ? How do we maintain the emphasis on prayer, care and share, not only in Texas, but throughout the nations?

2nd Opinion: Being upset is now all the rage

It is dangerous for the entire nation when the forces of hatred and bigotry are told they are the true patriots.

Quotes in the News

“People are getting totally fed up with the rule-book mentality in society as a whole. Character is what counts, not being able to check boxes on forms. … Creating more and more rules is never the way to live a fully human life.” --N.T. Wright

DOWN HOME: ‘You’ll be OK’: Uncertain truth

Topanga looked at me with her huge brown eyes and said, “Don’t leave me here.”

Reading the Culture: Are we Rome?

Is America destined to go the way of the Roman Empire?

RIGHT or WRONG? Women deacons

Our church is thinking about electing women deacons. But some members claim this is another example of contemporary liberalism taking over our theology. Is this so?

IN FOCUS: Time to celebrate Resurrection Sunday

Why do we spend a month celebrating the birth of Jesus, which fills two or three chapters in our gospels, and only a few days celebrating the week of Crucifixion and Resurrection, which is detailed in about half of the Gospel of John?

Quotes in the News

“When we lose our golf ball in the weeds, we go looking for it. When we lose our soul in the weeds, God comes looking for us.” --Jim Denison

RIGHT or WRONG? Fair pay

Many Christian institutions provide comparatively low pay and relatively weak benefits but still advertise for positions with the phrase “enjoy working in a Christian atmosphere.” Isn’t this hypocritical?

2nd Opinion: Last & most persistent temptation

Christ's temptation was to live a normal life instead of going to the Cross.

DOWN HOME: Grasslands run: Invigorating misery

“Well, this is the most memorable half marathon I’ve ever run,” my buddy Peter said, somewhere around the nine- or 10-mile point of the Grasslands Half Marathon. Understatement.
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