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“If you have been gay your whole life and feel that that’s the way God made you, God bless you. But I would still say that that doesn’t mean you should act on that."--Timothy Dolan


RIGHT or WRONG? Extravagant weddings

Each wedding at our church seems more ostentatious than the last. Brides’ and grooms’ families spend an extraordinary amount of money. How can these displays be reined in and more attention focused on two lives coming together?

DOWN HOME: Sage advice from a pigskin prophet

I’ve seen the spirit of individualism infect our churches and our convention. People talk more about “I” than “we.” Preachers focus on “you” instead of “us.”



Quotes in the News

“A lack of respect and civility in our discourse undermines our ability as a nation to solve our problems—and we have quite a lot of them at the moment.” --Richard Stengel

2nd Opinion: Billboard propaganda violates truth

For the next several months, people on the roads of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in Florida will rumble past billboard ads making false claims and misleading assertions about our country’s history and commitment to religious freedom. One ad even fabricates a comment from the first president of the United States.

IN FOCUS: Is it an institution or a movement?

The fact that half of Texans claim no church affiliation means the health of our churches is not vibrant.

RIGHT or WRONG? Old or New Testament

Do you think we should uphold ethical values and virtues from the Old Testament? If so, how do they relate to the New Testament?

DOWN HOME: Picking right up where we left off

Heidi and David were our first “couple friends.” And their kind, generous, faithful spirits haven’t changed in 30 years.


Cartoon: “It’s his way of instant-messaging.”

IN FOCUS: Significant discussion for Texas’ G-5

The Center for Informed Faith and the Center for Effective Leadership invite you to a conference on theology and leadership at the conclusion of the Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting in Houston, Nov. 17 from 1 to 5:30 p.m. Timothy George, David Naugle, David Dykes, George Mason and Chris Seay will be the presenters.

Quotes in the News

“Our finest Baptist universities were founded by more progressive Baptists, who believed that religion and ignorance were a dangerous combination, and who therefore advocated for places where students would grow both spiritually and intellectually as they learned to pursue discovery, solve problems and think for themselves.”-- Bill Underwood

RIGHT or WRONG? Giving guidance

“How can I give ethical guidance as ethically as possible?”

DOWN HOME: Another birthday, thanks be to God

By the time you read this, Marv's birthday will be over. He's had 53 so far.

Opinion: On race, thoughtful analysis over hyperbole

This week, former President Jimmy Carter accused a wide swath of President Barack Obama’s critics of being driven by racism. His unfortunate criticism underscored that simplistic views on race are easily hurled into the public domain as a political weapon. But, as is most often the case with racial hyperbole, Carter’s words lacked thoughtful analysis.
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