Opinion: Remembering how to be Jesus' people

GusheeThis morning I was reading in 1 Peter 2, "Rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk."

DOWN HOME: Abiding affection from Norman

After admiring the paintings of Norman Rockwell, Marv wouldn't mind changing his name to Norman.

IN FOCUS: Where was God during Hurricane Ike?

How can a loving God allow my child to be sick, or my job to be lost or our home to be destroyed? Where is God when these crises occur?

Quotes in the News

"When you get into the hurt of people, you get to know a little bit about the heart of God." --Mike Barrera, Pastor of United Baptist Church in Laredo

RIGHT or WRONG? Polygamy

State laws preclude multiple spouses, but what is a New Testament/Christian argument against polygamy?

Opinion: Toward a more mature Christian vote

GusheeThe United States is in trouble. Even our presidential candidates, trained to project confidence and strength, now admit that we face profound challenges.

Quotes in the News

"If there was ever a time in our history where a lot of people need shelter from the stormy blast of their lives, we’re living through that time now.”

2nd Opinion: Altogether now: 1, 2, 3 ... pray

Prayers in the name of Jesus havce been causing a firestorm of controversy in this election year.

IN FOCUS: Texas Baptists, hurricanes & hope

I hear folks speak of this being a nondenominational age. I have experienced the opposite of this the last two weeks.

DOWN HOME: Terrific to go; great to return

For the first time in—well—forever, Jo and I went to Florida without either of our children.

RIGHT or WRONG? Turning over church directory

It's not illegal, but from the perspective of basic ethics, church members cross a line when they use church directories for purposes other than their intended purpose without the church’s prior approval.

ANALYSIS: What is Georgia’s fault?

The president of the Evangelical Baptist Churches of Georgia offers his take on the recent conflict.

DOWN HOME: Remove those shoes; this is holy ground

Editor Marv Knox realizes that even a hospital room can be holy ground—if in the presence of the right person.

IN FOCUS: Texas Baptist women & missions

Randel Everett remembers Dellanna O'Brien and Mary Hill Davis—Texas mission leaders.

Quotations from the news

“I had missed an opportunity ... to clearly assert the following: Nonbelievers have just as great a stake as believers in defending religious liberty. If a society takes it upon itself to prescribe and proscribe certain streams of belief—to prohibit certain less-favored strains of conscience—it may be the nonbeliever who is among the first to be condemned.”
Mitt Romney
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