Rev. Dr. Dennis W. Young: Depending on God who takes care of everything

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Rev. Dr. Dennis W. Young currently serves as the pastor of Missouri City Baptist Church, celebrating his 27th year on Jan. 20. “I had the privilege of starting this work and—over the years—I have seen God at work in building this ministry,” Dr. Young said.

Young has served on several Baptist General Convention of Texas committees, including Nominating and Committee on Committees. He also has served as president of the African-American Fellowship of Texas, second vice-president of the BGCT and currently is chair of the BGCT Executive Board.

What do Texas Baptists look like from where you are?

One of the joys I derive from being a Texas Baptist is the diversity that exists within the body: various ethnic groups, approximately 70 different languages spoken, about 250 Western Heritage churches, etc. This diversity allows one to anticipate what it would be like “when we all get to heaven.”

What Baptist principle means the most to you, and why?

Soul competency. God has given us the gift—ability, freedom—to make choices. However, we are responsible for the choices we make. We have the choice of following Jesus and gaining eternal life or following Satan and gaining eternal death.

Describe a formative experience that guides your ministry.

Having served as associate minister for several years, the Lord called me to plant a church in 1992. My home church, the BGCT and Union Baptist Association worked with me to get the work started.

In the first year of ministry, there was great excitement. Leaders and members were excited. However, in the second year of ministry, Satan raised his evil head.

The agenda of two of the church’s leaders magnified itself to be different from that of the church’s agenda. These two leaders were two of the main givers, and we were at a period where the church was just developing, thus needing financial support. However, a decision had to be made—the church’s agenda or man’s agenda.

Looking through our human lenses, we see this as a difficult decision—especially from a financial standpoint—but from a spiritual standpoint, it was not a difficult decision.

The Lord led me through this storm and showed me what should be done: Adhere to his agenda. I did. As a result, the Lord supplied our every need. He multiplied our membership and our tithes and offerings.

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This experience taught me what it means to depend on God and to trust him. It also allowed me to remember that he takes care of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field and to realize that, as the Bible states: “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1, 1 Corinthians 10:26 NIV). Also, this experience has stuck with me as I have served the church as pastor for 27 years and has been a tremendous guide to my ministry.

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