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Book Reviews: Wisdom is a Woman

Wisdom is a Woman: Exploring the Wisdom of God by Heidi Lee (WestBow)

book lee200Heidi Lee bases her thought-provoking Wisdom is a Woman on Ecclesiastes 8:1. The author supports her premise that wisdom is personified as female in Scripture, including Proverbs 8, Matthew 11 and Luke 7.  She points out references to “Lady Wisdom” and “Madam Insight” in Proverbs 3:13-15 (The Message). Lee states clearly true wisdom belongs to God, but wisdom is available to all regardless of gender, and acquiring wisdom requires time and effort.

 She divides the book into three sections—Woman, Wisdom and Foolishness, and Seeking God’s Wisdom. Each of the 16 chapters contains strong biblical content and closes with summarizing Scripture. In “Lessons from Biblical Women,” Lee contrasts wise and foolish women—Deborah and Delilah, Athaliah and Huldah, and Sapphira and Priscilla. Another chapter, “God-Given Wisdom,” profiles Solomon and Job. The conclusion offers a guide to acquiring wisdom.

Any who choose to read Wisdom is a Woman believing it a feminist treatise will be disappointed. The author explains that for women “Lady Wisdom teaches … someone has to go first. Someone has to say, ‘I will not demand my own way, even if you demand yours.’” Instead, those who select Wisdom is a Woman because they desire to explore the wisdom of God will be rewarded.

Kathy Hillman, first vice president

Baptist General Convention of Texas


Grandma Thoughts by Boots Brizendine (Tate Publishing)

book brizendine200Retired postmaster Boots Brizendine calls home a Texas farm where her family raises registered Black Angus cattle. In Grandma Thoughts, the adult Sunday school teacher and frequent mission trip participant combines Bible study with practical life lessons.

The book features 366 daily devotionals. Scripture flows naturally into the entries that Brizendine liberally sprinkles with wisdom born from experience. General themes include faith, family and friends, with an authentic focus on Christ and the church. The Texan makes her standards absolutely clear as she tackles such topics as prejudice, peer pressure and God’s will.

“Grandma Boots” shares her life verse in the entry on Feb. 27, followed by her personal testimony on Feb. 28. In addition to Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, she provides thoughts about other holidays. She details the July 4 she spent on mission in Romania and highlights the veterans among her family on Nov. 11, including her father who fought in World War II and her grandson in Afghanistan. As she approaches the time to make New Year’s resolutions, she hits home with excuses for not serving in the church.

Don’t let the cover picturing an elderly grandmother seated in a room of antiques keep you from buying Grandma Thoughts. Boots Brizendine’s values may be old-fashioned, but her devotionals are up-to-date.

Kathy Robinson Hillman, first vice president

Baptist General Convention of Texas


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