Book Reviews: Transcending the Natural

Books reviewed in this issue include Transcending the Natural by Bill Lawson,  Jacob: Journaling the Journey by Michelle Lesley and The Harry Potter Bible Study by Jared Moore


Book Reviews: The Presidents & Their Faith

Out of MormonismBooks reviewed in this issue include The Presidents & Their Faith: From George Washington to Barack Obama by Darrin Grinder & Steve Shaw, Out of Mormonism: A Woman's True Story by Judy Robertson and The Pickled Priest and the Perishing Parish: Boomer Pastors Bouncing Back by Hal West.


Book Reviews: The Resignation of Eve

Books reviewed in this issue include The Resignation of Eve by Jim Henderson, A Faith of our Own by Jonathan Merritt and Because You Care: Spiritual Encouragement for Caregivers by Cecil Murphey & Twila Belk.


Book Reviews: Paradise Valley

Books reviewed in this issue include  Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer, 10 Things Jesus Never Said by Will Davis Jr. and The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedy by Kristin Elizabeth Marshall.


Book Reviews: Heaven is for Real

Books reviewed in this issue include Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, Praying The News by Wendy Griffith and Craig Von Buseck and The Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall.


Book Reviews: 10 Answers for Skeptics

Books reviewed in this issue are 10 Answers for Skeptics by Alex McFarland, Authentic Church: True Spirituality in a Culture of Counterfeits by Vaughan Roberts and Behind the Veils of Yemen by Audra Grace Shelby.


Book Reviews: Left, Right & Christ

Books reviewed in this issue  are Left, Right & Christ: Evangelical Faith in Politics by Lisa Sharon Harper & D.C. Innes and In the Company of Others by Jan Karon.

Book Reviews: Losing my Religion

Books reviewed this issue include Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America—and Found Unexpected Peace by William Lobdell, The Gospel of Matthew: God with Us by Matt Woodley and I Never Thought I'd See the Day: Culture at the Crossroads by David Jeremiah.

Book Reviews: Sanctuary of the Soul

Books reviewed in this issue are Sanctuary of the Soul by Richard J. Foster, On Christmas Eve & Christmas Treasures by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer and Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas.



Book Reviews: The Lady of Bolton Hill

Books reviewed in this issue include The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden, Muscular Faith by Ben Patterson and The Power of Being a Servant: Church Leadership That Works by Wesley Shotwell.


Book Reviews: Love Written in Stone

Books reviewed in this issue include Love Written in Stone: Finding God's Grace in the Boundaries He Sets by Philip Carlson, The Living Church by John Stott , The Shelter of God's Promises by Sheila Walsh, The Practice of Repentance by Woody D. Wilson and Has the Church Replaced Israel? by Michael J. Vlach.


Book Reviews: Distinctly Baptist

Books reviewed in this issue are Distinctly Baptist: Proclaiming Identity in a New Generation edited by Brian C. Brewer, Live Sent: You are a Letter by Jason C. Dukes and On Mission with God: Free and Faithful Baptists in the 21st Century, edited by Pamela R. Durso with William O'Brien.

Book Reviews: I Saw Him In Your Eyes

Books reviewed in this issue include I Saw Him in Your Eyes by Ace Collins, Red Ink: A Novel by Kathi Macias and From Throwing in the Towel to Staying in the Fight by Harry Strauss


Book Reviews: Small Does Not Mean Struggling

Books reviewed in this issue includes Small Does Not Mean Struggling by David B. Smith and The Business of the Church: The Uncomfortable Truth that Faithful Ministry Requires Effective Management by John W. Wimberly Jr.


Book Reviews: Transforming Prayer

Books reviewed in this issue are Transforming Prayer by Daniel Henderson, The Shadow of Babel: Speaking Jesus to a Language-Challenged World by Woody D. Wilson, The Accidental Revolutionary: George Whitefield & the Creation of America by Jerome Dean Mahaffey and Pocket Posh King James Puzzles: The New Testament and Pocket Posh King James Puzzles: People of the Bible by Timothy E. Parker .
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