Book Reviews: Experiencing the Spirit

Books reviewed include Experiencing the Spirit: The Power of Pentecost Every Day by Henry and Mel Blackaby, Does God Feel Your Pain? Finding Answers When Life Hurts by H. Wayne House & William Grover and He Said, He Said by Gerald Mackrell.

Book Reviews: Entertaining Angels

Book reviewed in this issue are Entertaining Angels by Annie Chapman, Conversational Evangelism: How to Listen and Speak So You Can Be Heard by Norman Geisler and David Geisler and Give Me Your Heart by Cliff Lea.

Book Reviews: Remembering Two Baptist Pioneer Preachers of Texas

Reviews include Remembering Two Baptist Pioneer Preachers of Texas and Called To Love: Stories of Compassion, Faith and God’s Grace.

Book Reviews: Finding an Unseen God

Books reviewed in this issue include Finding an Unseen God: Reflections of a Former Atheist by Alicia Britt Chole, 30 Days to a Stronger Connection with God by Peter Lundell and Holy Change: A Systemic Approach to Transforming a Community by Joseph C. Parker Jr.

Book Reviews: Pray Big for Your Child

Books reviewed in this issue include Pray Big for Your Child:The Power of Praying God’s Promises for Your Child’s Life by Will Davis Jr. and Baptist Theology: A Four-Century Study by James Leo Garrett Jr.

Book Reviews: When Kids Hurt

Books reviewed in this issue are When Kids Hurt: Help for Adults Navigating the Adolescent Maze By Chap Clark & Steve Rabey and The Wholehearted Marriage: Fully Engaging Your Most Important Relationship By Greg Smalley and Shawn Stoever.

Book Reviews: Evolution for Everyone

Books reviewed in this issue include Evolution for Everyone by David Sloan Wilson, Living the Lord’s Prayer by David Timms, All Through the Night by Davis Bunn and The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir.

Book Reviews: Making the Good News Good Again

Books reviewed are Making the Good News Good Again: Recovering the Wonder of the Gospel by Judson Edwards, A Capsule History of Baptist Principles by William H. Brackney and Baptist History & Heritage Society Historical Dictionary of the Baptists, Second Edition by William H. Brackney.

Book Reviews: Abilene pastor swings for the bleachers with his first book

Books reviewed include Parables from the Diamond: Meditations for Men on Baseball & Life,  by Phil Christopher and Glen Dromgoole and Intentional Walk by Hugh Poland.

Book Reviews: Bible Truths About God

Reviewed in this issue are Bible Truths about God by James Semple, and  What Southern Women Know about Faith: Kitchen Table Stories and Back Porch Comfort by Ronda Rich.

Book Reviews: What Do a Christian Be?

Books reviewed in this issue are What Do a Christian Be? From Belief to Behavior by Al Fasol and Malinda S. Fasol and Baptist Questions, Baptist Answers by Bill J. Leonard.

What’s on your pastor’s shelf?

Where do pastors go when they want a balanced view of the issues? Edwin Mellen Press, Ashgate Publishing and InterVarsity Press often provide the resources.

Book Reviews: The Third Trumpet

Books reviewed in this issue are The Third Trumpet, Books I-IV by William Meador, Living the Lord’s Prayer Day by Day by Wilson Wayne Grant and Encountering God:10 Ways to Experience His Presence by David M. Edwards.

Book Reviews: Sacred Chaos

Books reviewed in this issue are Sacred Chaos: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life You Have, by Tricia McCrary Rhodes, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Mark Gungor and Farraday Road by Ace Collins.

Music Review: U2’s latest offers ‘grace inside a sound’

bonoBaptist divinity school professor Steven Harmon characterizes U2's new album, No Line on the Horizon, as "the most thoroughly Christian thing they’ve done yet.”
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