Bringing peace to a heavy heart

Among our other tasks, our team visited people in Puebla, Mexico.

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On one afternoon, my partner, Eunice, and I split up so we could visit more people in our limited time.

I ended up with three other ladies from the church in Puebla. Even though I was by far the youngest one, I ended  up doing most of the talking when we made our visits. They just introduced me as the missionary and let me do the rest.

Once again, I could feel God's peace and Holy Spirit speaking through me. One of my favorite visits was when we met Vivian and Janet, two shy teenage girls. At first they wouldn't say much. But after I explained to them Philippians 4:6-7, Vivian started crying. I could tell she wanted to share what was on her heart, but she said she didn't know where to start. I asked her if maybe there were too many ears and eyes in the room, and she agreed. The ladies with me quickly understood and left the room along with Vivian's mom.

Vivian then proceeded to open her heart. She was hurting a great deal. She was only 19 and had been married a few years ago for about 18 months. Her ex-husband had cheated on her. But even though he was still with another young woman, he threatening Vivian if she dared marry anyone else. She was afraid of him and afraid to make another wrong decision in the future. That's when I realized that the example and verse I had used had touched her heart and reminded her of this problem.

Phillipians 4:6-7 talks about how the peace of God will guard our hearts. I had explained to her how it's important to guard our hearts because sometimes our hearts can deceive us and guide our lives.

After she told me what she was going through, I used the same verse to tell her she doesn't have to fear or worry. We can lay our worries, anxieties in prayer, petition and with thanksgiving to God to receive the peace of God. It’s a peace that we can't explain nor understand. We feel  it even when we are going through the hardest days and times in our lives. Giving thanks is key—to remember all our blessings.

Vivian and Janet had made a decision to follow Jesus years ago but didn't have a serious relationship with him. I was able to explain how amazing and important is to have a relationship with Christ. He is the only one that can help them, guard them and never fail them.

I was able to pray for them and point them to specific books in the Bible for them to read on their own.

It amazes me how God already knew what verse they needed to hear. Another thing that I learned was that it doesn't matter how young I am, I can still be an example and speak up, even when there are older adults there.

Cynthia Peralta, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, served in Mexico with Go Now Missions.

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