Denton: Planting seeds in South Texas

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Our student missions team from Texas Woman’s University was in the Rio Grande Valley, taking 11 children by bus to the next site on a sports rotation. That’s when one 7-year-old started asking questions about God, Jesus and sin.

I tried to explain how sins—the bad things we do—separate us from God. I tried to show that there was a big gap between us and God.

student sharel gaskey130Sharel Kaye Gaskey“Well, can’t God fly over and get us?” he asked.

“He made a better way—and a permanent way—to him,” I said. 

I explained how we try really hard to do good things to get across the gap to God, but Jesus is the bridge. So, all we have to do is believe he can get us across and walk towards God. 

Romans 3:23

I reminded him of a verse we had learned—Romans 3:23. I told him since we all fall short of God’s perfect standard, there is no way we can make it across with out Jesus.

I also told him Jesus was a sacrifice for our sins, and I tried to explain it in a way a 7-year-old could understand.

I explained how in old times, when people sinned against God, in order to be forgiven, they had to give up their favorite lamb or a really good crop instead of selling it and making money.

“So if you lied, you would have to give God your favorite toy, something that you really like or that is really good so that you would be forgiven. But because Jesus came, you don’t have to sacrifice anything anymore. But you have to choose to follow Jesus and live for him.”

I think he started to get it

I think he started to get it. His little mind was rolling. Then the bus stopped. We were at our next sport. After playing, I felt sure all that was said was forgotten.

But then Friday came. I got to sit with him outside the classroom and talk about accepting Jesus. I said if he trusted in Jesus as his sacrifice, he could live in eternity with me—and God—forever and be forgiven of every bad thing he has done.

Although time was cut short, the church told us they would follow up with all the children who said they wanted a relationship with Jesus. Long before they are baptized, they will begin a mentorship/discipleship process with them until they feel that they are old enough and truly understand what it means. 

Seeds were planted. I just pray that God sends more workers to the harvest.

Sharel Kaye Gaskey is serving this semester as a campus missionary intern at Texas Woman’s University in Denton through Go Now Missions.

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