ETBU: Students experience spiritual renewal

Students gather for Spiritual Renewal Week at ETBU.

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Because East Texas Baptist University is a private Christian university, many people assume nearly all the students who go here are Christian. Not necessarily.

Some choose ETBU because the school offers them an opportunity to participate in athletics. Many students attend ETBU to get a great education in an environment where there is more one-on-one interaction with professors. They don’t all come here because they want to know more about God.

clint salmon130Clint SalmonMany students hear the name of Jesus daily. But a lot of students have heard of Jesus and learn about the Bible while they are here, but they are numb to anything spiritual. For the faculty on campus and the students who are completely in love with Jesus, this breaks our hearts. 

It can be difficult, but big things are happening at ETBU. One of the biggest things the students who follow Jesus on campus are involved in is discipleship relationships. We have so many students from groups all over campus reaching out to their peers, m

any are becoming curious about Christianity and who Jesus actually is. It is an amazing and beautiful thing to witness.

Every year during the spring, the spiritual development office promotes Spiritual Renewal Week. Chapel credits are offered to students who attend events. We bring in speakers and a worship leader, and we give students an opportunity to know Jesus more personally. This year, the speakers were former students who had recently graduated—and even a current student—all heavily involved with discipleship.

We saw people come to know the Lord and gain a desire to truly give all to Jesus. Much of the fruit from this stemmed back to the discipleship relationships and what the Lord already had been doing on campus. As we move forward, we must continually shower our students with prayer and encourage each other to seek out the lost.

We have to come together as a body of believers with one common goal—the desire to see God glorified and see students come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Clint Salmon, an East Texas Baptist University graduate, has returned to his alma mater to serve with Go Now Missions as a student ministry intern with the Baptist Student Ministry.

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