Meaningful ministry over a coffee cup


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Over pumpkin spice lattes, a young woman asked me about the meaning of baptism. Over green tea, a sorority girl celebrated the reality that in Christ she is made new. Over caramel macchiatos, a new friend described her desire to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation so she can know how great this God is to whom she prays.

As I walk away from coffee dates, I exalt Christ, thanking him in my heart, for going before us and preparing our time.

I am privileged to meet with multiple young women one-on-one each week to study the Scriptures and to wrestle through hard issues in life. Some of these women are not yet believers but want to understand the character of God and his story before they choose to commit their lives to him. Also, I meet with new followers of Christ and with ones who have been disciples for many years.

students on mission


The hunger within these students to comprehend the very words of God is beyond explanation. The Holy Spirit has stirred within their hearts a desire for spiritual things, and undoubtedly the Spirit is drawing them closer to Jesus.

To sit beside a 20-something-year-old girl who just read an unfading promise of God for the first time and then come to discover that very promise was meant for her is an exhilarating thing. Stories in the Bible I’ve heard for so long, they have never heard. And they are awestruck by the hope that fills Jesus’ words.

I long to approach the very words of God with the same fresh and eager eyes as they do. They are not merely gaining knew information; rather transformation of their life is happening. Limitless treasures are embedded within the pages of this precious and holy book we call the Bible. Day by day, I witness eternal truth set the hearts of young women free. Together, we learn how we can apply the deep truths of Scripture to our lives in practical ways. I learn from these young women, too.

Jane Owen is a student missionary correspondent serving with Go Now Missions in the Pacific Northwest.

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