Rio Grande Valley: Feeding the 3,000

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Jesus performed many miracles during his three years of earthly ministry. One miracle demonstrated God’s ability to provide physical sustenance. With just a few loaves of bread and some small fish, Jesus made a feast that fed a multitude of people. 

alexandra granda130Alexandra GrandaRecently, the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley brought this story from the Gospels to life. We fed more than 3,000 college students and made an impact for Christ right in the middle of our campus. We set up three feeding stations, one prayer area and a stage with live music.

Close to 100 students and pastors from different congregations helped out during this event. We started setting up at 5 a.m., and the outreach event lasted all the way to the afternoon. We put it all together to serve our students, and the presence of the Lord was evident that day.

Many students passing by the outreach event were curious, and we invited them to enjoy some hot dogs. In addition to the meal, we gave out information about how to be spiritually fed. Each student received a New Testament. Then they were invited to walk around the prayer area and/or ask questions about our organization or about how to grow in their relationship with God. We had a very positive response.  

students granda feeding425I served at the prayer area. Student leaders helped set up this area with prayer request boxes and Scripture about prayer. I was amazed to see people come in and ask to be prayed over. Many were from different belief backgrounds, and we were able to share our faith with them. 

A girl named Jes came looking for someone to pray with her and her family who had just been involved in a car crash. Many other students—not necessarily Christians—came looking for prayer.

I was reminded everyone is broken. Everyone needs prayer. Everyone needs to find joy, acceptance and happiness. Many of the students know God answers prayers, but they are missing the mark by not surrendering their lives to him. students granda feed prayer300Many other students have heard about God, have grown up in churches and are seeking God. 

Through events such as this, we were able to make an impact on our campus. Please join me in praying for the people we prayed over.

Pray that students will have their requests answered and the name of Jesus will be glorified. Pray that we will keep having an impact for Christ. 

Alexandra Granda is serving with Go Now Missions as a campus missionary intern at the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley.

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