South Asia: Prayers answered

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Jesus has done great things here at Restoration House and continues to move in South Asia. I have been experiencing the love of Jesus, and I know it is because of his love that lives are transformed.

Recently, I was ill and suffered a high fever. After the girls came into our room to pray over me, some continued to pray fervently throughout the day.

The next day, one of the girls who is a recent believer said she was really upset all day because I was sick. She said that for the first time, she talked to Jesus all day. She prayed for my healing. At night during fellowship, she said her heart began to hurt and the doubt she had about Jesus began to rise again. She said she prayed the hardest she has ever done. To me, that meant that she prayed with more fervor.

Asked for a sign

She said she asked Jesus to speak to her, because she didn’t want to doubt, and she asked for a sign. She prayed that the sign would be seeing me first thing the next morning with a smile on my face and laughing like I always do. She told Jesus that if she saw that, she would know he was real and was the true ealer. They had all seen me that day, and I seriously looked like if I was dying and definitely felt that way.

The next morning, I woke up without a fever and with a lot of energy. This happened even before I could begin taking my medicine. The first person I saw was this girl who had prayed for me. I saw her and without knowing I smiled and laughed. She approached me and teared up a little. She began repeating, “Thank you Jesus!” A couple of hours later, she told me the story.

Another girl ran down the stairs yelling my name. When she saw me having breakfast, she gave me one of the biggest hugs ever. She said she had also been praying. During the night, she had trouble sleeping because she didn’t want to stop praying. She said she accidentally fell asleep, but she dreamed that I was smiling and laughing. She also could not stop saying, “Thank you Jesus!” As we see in the story where Jesus calms the storm, he is sovereign Lord over the physical and the supernatural.

Redemption stories

We have been teaching about baptism, and ten girls have been attending the classes. They all want to follow in this next step of obedience. It has been a true joy teaching them. Their stories are simply redemption stories.

Their joy and healing can only come from Jesus. All of the stories are horrible and these girls have truly been hurt by injustice and evil. It is beyond human understanding to see them here with hearts full of joy, just two months after they tried to escape their reality by trying to enter a different country. It hasn’t been years or even half a year. The pain is still recent, but they have found the joy in Jesus.

They now boldly proclaim his name and say they will get baptized, even though for some it means they will lose their family. Their understanding of Jesus has increased greatly this past month. When we first got here, there was only one girl who usually led prayer time and the fellowship, but now we see several girls taking that place and teaching from the Bible. They are spiritual giants! I often find myself on my knees just praising God and being awestruck at his grace.

Jessica, a student at the University of Texas in Austin, is serving with Go Now Missions in South Asia. Her last name is withheld for security reasons.

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