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Not ‘properly judicious’

Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference President Vance Pittman objects to suggestions he has done something wrong by inviting John Piper to speak at this year’s conference because he’s a Calvinist (March 28).

Indeed, having a Calvinist speak at a Baptist pastors’ conference should not be controversial. Some of the greatest Baptists in history have been Calvinists.

Texas Baptist ForumWhat makes John Piper controversial is not that he is a Calvinist. He is controversial because he says anyone who ultimately disagrees with his view of God’s sovereignty will “reject God” and “reject the biblical testimony” and “perish forever.” See the YouTube video clip “Why does God allow Satan to live?

Whether Piper actually believes all non-Calvinists are going to hell is not the issue. The issue is what he says that implies it. I have spoken to many students who, having heard Piper speak, think non-Calvinists are not Christians.

Personally, I don’t think Piper means that. But his statements sometimes imply it, and that’s why he’s controversial. He is not properly judicious in his statements about people who disagree with his Calvinism.

Roger Olson



Lent article ‘misleads’

The article concerning Lent is totally wrong (Feb. 28). Anyone can check Baptist history and find that Lent never was a part of Baptist doctrine. Robert Dilday said the word “Lent” was not in the Bible, and that is true, but neither is it in Baptist history.

He claims many Baptists are taking another look at Lent, a practice they distanced themselves from centuries ago. But how could they have separated themselves from something they never belonged to? It is a blessing that we can go back into history and check what we as Baptists stand for. This is one case in which our history will save us from falsehood.

Dilday claims many Baptists are taking another look at Lent. Where did he get such information? He did not quote any poll taken by a reputable poll taker.

In this article, Kyle Henderson is quoted as saying Lent is biblical. However, he fails to give any biblical reading to back up his claim. “Forty days and 40 nights” has been used in the Bible, but never associated with Lent.

Writing the names of our sins and burning the paper is useless. Sin is so hideous and repulsive to God that it took the blood of our Lord shed on the cross at Calvary to wash away our sins (Revelation 7:14). This article caused me great grief because it’s so misleading.

Felipe Jesse Gonzales

San Antonio

Future & education

Thank you for the editorial defending the Texas’ Tuition Equalization Grants (March 28).

As a professor at Baylor and Howard Payne universities, I have seen the value of these grants.

As you pointed out, universities affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas get about one-third of these funds. That alone should encourage Baptists to rally behind an effort to save these grants.

Your editorial includes much more than just the benefit these grants provide to Baptists. The future of this state depends on the education of our youth today—all our youth of all economic and ethnic backgrounds.

Texans should still be close enough to our roots to know we don’t eat our seed grain if we want a crop next year. This is a fantastic way to look at what is happening to education at all levels in our state.

If any Baptist Standard readers missed this article, they should get that edition or go online and read it.

Geraldine Fuller Boyd



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