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Praying for Glorieta

Those of us who love and know Glorieta should be praying for it now as LifeWay Christian Resources trustees have voted to significantly reduce programs that occur on the Glorieta grounds (Sept. 26).

The role Glorieta has played has been significant in shaping the spiritual life of our country and the world. Countless people have committed their lives to God there, obeyed the will of God to become missionaries and influenced their churches with the training they received at Sunday School Week, Rec Week, Music Week, Student Week, Singles Week and on and on.

This has occurred during many critical times of war, recession and cultural shifts. The vision God has given Glorieta participants has helped see us through these moments.

Many relationships will only be reunited in heaven because we met from far-flung areas of the country and shared our lives together in a few short days on the grounds of Glorieta. The people who felt God's leadership to create Glorieta prayed it into existence. May we do the same.

Donna McCrary


Texas Baptist ForumAlzheimer's & death

Televangelist/businessman Pat Robertson believes it is all right for a man to divorce his wife if she has Alzheimer's disease. I wonder if Jesus would agree with him.

I believe spouses should have the right to divorce. But if your spouse should suffer from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's diseases, or enter a coma, then you should be there for them instead of trying to find a way out.

Robertson says Alzheimer's is a kind of death. No it isn't. Death is death. I believe in the saying, "Where there is life, there is hope." Robertson should have talked about prayer and miracles, not divorce.

Chuck Mann

Greensboro, N.C

Far from the truth

I do not understand why the Baptist Standard would give a voice to a view that is as unbiblical as the one espoused by the writer of "Economic theory" in Texas Baptist Forum (Sept. 26).

This kind of language has no place in a religious publication, much less a Baptist publication. The article is full of untruths and talks of social engineering that has failed by anyone's standards. The problem we are facing today is a spiritual problem that overwhelms any economic system. I am very disappointed that someone chose this letter to be published. The vast majority of Southern Baptists realize how far from the truth it is.

Mike Watson


Calling women

"ETBU graduates travel country in a van, spreading the gospel" told a wonderful story about two young women, East Texas Baptist University graduates Stacie Hooks and Jenna Jones, who travel across the country preaching the gospel. It is a dangerous situation these women have undertaken. Baptists have always sent young women to dangerous foreign fields, and now we applaud them when they strike out on their own in their home country.

We should be ashamed of our holy selves.

We won't make a place for them in our churches, because we reserve those safe places for our young men. But the call to ministry is so great that women will answer that call in any way they can.

God is calling women. Why won't we?

Shirley Taylor


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