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What if love wins?

The theological progressiveness of Rob Bell was referenced in "Teachers must not water down hell, G5 speakers insist" (Oct. 31).

Some young ministers may embrace the idea that theology progresses to the point where "That Old Time Religion" is passé. So, Bell's book Love Wins progresses to the point where no one will end up in hell, essentially because Jesus will not allow anyone to experience hell because of his eternal love.

That natural conclusion is simple: The force of the Love Wins power eventually will take such a hold on the world that, as an example of Love Wins, accompanied by overwhelming mercy, grace and forgiveness, even Satan and his angels will be saved, to spend eternity with Jesus, God, you and me and all who have come to God through our faith in Jesus to save us. What other conclusion could one expect, if, in the end, love wins?

This is really not "That Old Time Religion"!

Bill Simpson

San Antonio

Texas Baptist ForumRestore Glorieta

"Dramatic cuts at Glorieta" (Sept. 26) was appropriate, and I agree with subsequent letters to the editor (Oct. 10, 24, 31).

Within the two aspects of drama, comedy and tragedy, only the latter aspect applies. The treatment of Glorieta by the Southern Baptist Convention through LifeWay Christian Resources is one of the most tragic developments within the Baptist denomination in my 76 years, surpassed only by the SBC split.

It seems as though the SBC/LifeWay has produced some rationalizations regarding historically fundamental beliefs and practices. Unfortunately, Glorieta appears to be a victim of such problems in spiritual reasoning.

I have been a part of the history of Glorieta since it was a but a vision and was a specific challenge to the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. My dad, Eual F. Lawson, was given the primary responsibility to raise funds to get Glorieta started. Dad's responsibilities as New Mexico secretary of evangelism and brotherhood made his selection appropriate.

My entire family was there for Pioneer Week, which officially opened the Glorieta Baptist Assembly. It was obvious from the outset that Glorieta was a special place of evangelism and discipling, with untold potential for the Lord's work—ministering to the spiritual needs of thousands of people every year, from all over the United States and many foreign countries.

For the SBC/LifeWay to be responsible for Glorieta's shameful neglect and potential demise is appalling.

I pray somebody, or some organization, will purchase this tremendous facility, with the intent to restore it to its previous spiritual splendor.

Bill Lawson

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