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Presidential faith

"'Mormon issue' echoes previous era" (Jan. 9) brings to mind an analogy from broadcaster/author Ray Suarez: The only time a candidate's faith should be a factor is if we're calling him or her as our pastor. Otherwise, the questions to ask are, "Does he or she know how to light your streets, educate your children, collect your garbage and deliver your mail?"

Joe Brake

San Antonio

Texas Baptist ForumI agree with Marv Knox on the "Mormon issue" (Jan. 9) Christians should not vote against a Mormon candidate for president based solely on his theological beliefs.

On the other hand, I believe Christians ought to think long and hard about voting for a candidate like Mitt Romney, who has a long history of anti-Christian business practices. When Jesus drove the moneychangers from the temple, he did not inquire about their theology; he only condemned their legal business practices.

Romney has devoted most of his adult life to what Rick Perry calls "vulture capitalism." Bain Capital took over companies by any means possible, fired workers, stripped capital assets, drove companies into bankruptcy, broke labor contracts, raided pension funds and pocketed all the money they could legally get.

Where is the evidence that Romney is a person of compassion with limits on what he will do for money?

Charles Reed


No mandate

I am writing about an article that refers to "Jesus' Luke 4 mandate 'to proclaim liberty to the captives'" (Nov. 28).

The article mischaracterizes this passage. In Luke 4, Jesus was reading from Isaiah 61, which does not contain a mandate to proclaim liberty, neither in the Old Testament nor in Jesus' reading of it. The passage describes the mission and work of the Messiah, and it does not involve any mandate for the Messiah or for anyone else.

For purposes of this article, the author would have done better if he had made reference to Matthew 25.

Mark Dunn


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