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What is the point of running an editorial that downplays the theological beliefs of Mormons in deference to their conservatism (Jan. 9), and then running a spread about how misunderstood they are (Feb. 6)?

Thank the Lord they are understood as the cult they are! They fit the definition of a cult: They add to the Scripture, subtract from the unique deity of Christ, multiply what is necessary for salvation and divide themselves off into a special class.

Texas Baptist ForumMitt Romney's election would advance the agenda of the Mormon church at the expense of truth and to the great detriment to our efforts to dispel the darkness with the truth. It seems as though you are offering us rationale for possibly voting for a cult follower.

I hope in the future you will expose the true beliefs and practices of Mormonism—including its ostracizing practices—and instead advance the cause of Christ alone.

Ben Macklin


Keep the name

"Southern" Baptist Convention never has been a geographical description, but a theological position describing conservative, Bible-believing, mission-minded folk who "are not ashamed of the gospel" (Romans 1:16). People who are distinctively Christian.

What does "Christians" mean? "Little Christs"—believers in the finished work of Christ on Calvary and a follower of the Christ-way of life, reflecting peace, love, compassion, purity and godly obedience.

America's cafeteria attitude toward religion must be challenged. We must preserve our unique doctrines and practice the biblical message that Christ is the only way. There can be no detours, faulty directions or pit stops on the way to heaven. All roads do not lead there!

We are called to be witnesses—not wimps. We are called to be victors—not victims. We are called to purity—not popularity. Anyone can gather a crowd—only God can grow a church! Calling money "mud" or spaghetti "hot dogs" doesn't alter their composition, appearance or purpose.

Political correctness often is theological suicide. Renaming the SBC is to lose our identity, minimize our mission and give the devil a victory. It is what it was. Designating it as something else will make it less than it was, not more.

I am a Southern Baptist by choice and conviction, not chance or community. But I am not a Southern Baptist Christian. I am a Christian Southern Baptist—and proud of it.

Gene S. Carnell

Ridgecrest, N.C.

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