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Letters: Grateful for ethics interest

Grateful for ethics interest

Regarding the profile on Russell Moore, I rejoice that the Southern Baptist Convention now does have a spokesperson on the vitally important area of Christian ethics.

Having majored in that area in seminary and now taught sociology for over three decades at one of our Baptist universities, there are always enduring and emerging issues which require very thoughtful and consideration before statements are made. In these days of immediate and almost constant communication to the society at large, it is of utmost importance that reflection is given before words are released to the nation and world.

Even though I differ with Dr. Moore on some of his positions—not a surprise among ethicists—I am impressed he wants to engage in dialogue on significant and weighty matters which influence and often affect us all.

Having been a missionary to Mexico and working as an interpreter currently, I’m particularly grateful he has a special interest in the current opportunity for our country to intervene in the urgent discussion concerning immigration reform.

Julian C. Bridges


Inspiring Bible overview

Our Wednesday evening attendance has tripled since we began viewing the "Fast Track" DVDs by Chad Hovind. They provide an inspiring overview of the entire Bible. In eight sessions, he leads us from Genesis to Revelation. This is the quickest way I have seen to understand the continuity of the Bible. 

It is neither a series of lectures nor sermons. You feel he is sitting down in the room with you using easy-to-draw icons and creative teaching methods. The photography is exceptional. Some of the subjects are "Learning to Trust God," "Never Give Up," "Facing Adversity" and "Stop Running From God."

The leader kit includes two DVDs, a workbook, and four audio CDs.

Jerold R. McBride

Winnfield, La.

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