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Letters: Long-gone Baylor days

Long-gone Baylor days

I’m a former officer of the Baylor Alumni Association, and I’ve always been a proud Baylor grad, but those days are gone.

The university had bullied the association for the better part of a decade. I think the current officers were trying to find a legitimate working solution, but it was probably a one side’s negotiation. The current Baylor administration and the board of regents have no interest in any way forward other than their own. For most of the board of regents, it wasn’t about what was best for Baylor but what they personally wanted. It’s a tragedy and a travesty.

I was not a big donor but I gave money to both the university and the BAA. Those days are gone!

Lori Hirons

New Rochelle, N.Y.

Christian marriage is divine

Your married life reveals the “outworked behaviors” of your most sacred vow made before the throne of God, having been sealed and established in your community of faith. Your marriage is your sacred covenant, deeply rooted in your personal honor and bound by an indissoluble bond between yourself, God Almighty and your spouse.

Marriage is not always easy. Still, our God declares marriage is holy and can be filled with “soul deep” peace and joy.

If your marriage seems to be collapsing, something is very wrongm and it goes well beyond human wants and needs. The greatest maritial problem we face as Christians is this: We often lose the understanding that Christian marriage is not a human institution. It is of divine origin, and it demands our most sacred and holy respect.

John Boylan


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