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Letters: Corporations not protected?

Corporations & First Amendment rights

I enjoyed "Hobby Lobby case headed to the Supreme Court." 

I am confused about the argument that some have made regarding a corporation is not an individual and therefore not protected by the constitution.

The last time I checked, most newspapers, such as the New York Times, are corporations. Is it being suggested that a newspaper is not protected by the constitution? Is it being suggested the New York Times is not afforded protection under the First Amendment because it is a corporation?

Is it also being suggested that a government agent can walk into any corporate office (without a search warrant) and demand to see the corporation's records? Is it being suggested, that the corporation is not afforded some privacy rights under the constitution?

Nonetheless, keep up the good fight and the good work. Your work is important because it protects the rest of us.

David Longstreet

Blue Springs, Mo.


The pope, sin & God

Concerning the article about the pope. Who cares how the pope views sin. It's how God looks at sin that matters.

Carl Frost

Ofallon, Mo.

Respect your elders

A senior adult friend recently told me, “My Baptist church has left me, and I can’t find any place familiar to worship anymore.” 

I hear this often from those in the 70-plus crowd. Many now sit at home. Or, as one deacon told me, “I am now an unchurched person.”

They love the Lord and are just as committed as ever. But with the removal of hymns, choirs, organs and reverence from worship, it makes one wonder what happened and why. 

It seems churches now are catering to the water-bottle-toting and Starbucks crowd who like to stand throughout the services, similar to a rock concert. This leaves those with weak legs as outcasts. 

Throwing groups of people “under the bus” is never the Christian way, especially since these are the very ones who are paying the bills in most churches. We now have cowboy, motorcycle, divorced and a variety of other “specialty” churches that are catering to specialized markets. What about the old folks? They deserve a seat at the table, too, especially since they are the ones who make sure the air conditioning and heat stay on to keep all of those Krispy Cremes in a comfortable environment, just for you!

Robert Whitfield

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