Letters: Prison ministry

Letters: Looking for inmate disciplers

Looking for inmate disciplers

Last year, Mark Hollis of Inmate Discipler Fellowship and I visited a prison seminary and asked a class of inmates: “How many in here have been through Experiencing God, Master Life or the Inmate Discipler Fellowship process?” Over half raise their hands.

Inmate Discipler Fellowship is a supported ministry of Texas Baptist Men. We have been ministry partners for many years. IDF has been asked to follow up on the Bill Glass Prison Crusades, where many professions of faith in Christ are made.

We are working with Scott Willingham, Texas Baptist evangelism director, in joint ministry ventures. Through the Mary Hill Davis Offering, Texas Woman’s Missionary Union is funding most IDF discipleship materials in Texas prisons.

The TBM Restorative Justice Ministry and IDF need more trained volunteers to do discipleship in Texas prisons. Experiencing God weekends are being planned for the prison units that have the Bill Glass Crusades.

We believe a well-grounded, discipled inmate will wind up at the seminary in the Darrington Unit. Inmates excel in this seminary as informed and mature disciples. Disciples are always made, never born.

We are looking for associations or churches that would host a training event for first-time volunteers in the Restorative Justice Ministries in Texas. God is at work in this ministry. If your church or association is interested, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (214) 275-1111.

Don Gibson, executive director

Texas Baptist Men


Return to the polls

While I wholeheartedly agree  that our political system is not perfect, it is far superior to any other in the world today.

The problems we are experiencing today are directly due to the entitlement mentality of many voters; the voters, who elected Barak Obama twice, and the Senators and Congressmen, many of whom have been elected multiple times, who pander to them. The only way to remedy the situation is for fiscally and socially responsible citizens to vote in sufficient number to out-vote them.

I firmly believe that many—perhaps most—evangelical Christians have abdicated their responsibility to vote for representation that will represent them, both their Christian beliefs and their fiscal conservatism.

I believe it is a responsibility of all who speak for or to evangelical Christians to encourage them to return to the polls and replace the poor representation they now have in Washington, D.C., with representatives who will vote in accordance with their constituency rather than in an attempt to ensure their re-election.

Chuck Pogue


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