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Letters: More on Race in sentencing

Personal choice

Michael R. Chancellor needs to provide tissues and crying towels with his letter.

Many people grow up in a bad environment, in poverty, with drugs, etc. But many also escape from their situation. Why is it that we Christians keep on blaming the environment for people’s sinful behavior.

Even professional athletes making millions each year still feel they have to deal drugs, kill, do drugs, etc.  It’s the choice they make!

Mick Tahaney

Port Arthur

Civil religion & U.S. customs

Thank you for including the link to the piece by the Witherspoon Institute on “Thanksgiving and the Constitution.”  It goes against the grain of strict separationists’ views.

It may be water under the bridge at this point, as our culture is becoming more secular. We may soon lose the last vestige of this civil religion. If so, we haven’t really lost much, because the gospel is our priority.

But I think this piece provides historical balance, even as the debate becomes less relevant.

David Sweet


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