Letters: Just the facts on Glorieta

Glorieta: Just the facts, please

As I lifelong Baptist, I would like to know two things: Whether the sale of homes in 2011 and assurance that Glorieta would continue can be proven; and whether proof exists that Glorieta has lost money for the last 20 years.

The records I have been able to find on the Southern Baptist Convention website do not show this to be the case.

The first amendment does not give any group the right to commit fraud or provide false or misleading accounting, as I believe we would all agree.

In fact, our relationship in Christ calls us to greater accountability and love and service toward one another.

If we could ascertain these basically financial facts apart from a court setting, it would be highly preferable, but it seems such transparency was not forthcoming. Nevertheless, Baptists must insist upon explanation and fair outcome in this sad situation; and we must make sure that our beloved Glorieta—as we Baptists knew it for 50-plus years—ends with grace and dignity.

Ruth A. Cook


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