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Letters: Secular companies have more integrity than LifeWay

Homeowner: Secular companies have more integrity

My husband and I, John and Pat Carlson, are homeowners at Glorieta.

We chose to sign the nonrenewable 12-year lease because we were not going to give away our $350,000 investment made eight years ago. We feel a lot can happen in 12 years.

I totally agree with the article. Lifeway stole the property of homeowners. It always referred to us “lessees” and our homes as “improvements.”

We will never step foot in a Lifeway store again. Most secular companies would have had more integrity.

Pat Carlson

Fort Worth

Glorieta, we’ll never forget you

I have taken groups to Glorieta, attended many conferences and led conferences since 1964. Many lives were changed in our groups, including mine.

I agree with Chris Liebrum about being disappointed and upset that our leaders have let this wonderful place deteriorate.

In those earlier years, cafeteria workers sang an inspirational song: “In the 'Land of Enchantment' near old Santa Fe / lies our Glorieta in wondrous array. / In the midst of a mountain, God's blessings you'll find. / At our Glorieta, rich friendships you'll bind.

“We'll never forget you; you'll always be near. We'll never forget you; you'll always be near. / So humbly we thanks Thee, for blessings we know. / At our Glorieta, it will always be so.”

Thank you, Lord for allowing many youth and adults experience salvation and restoration.

Benny Mayo

Red Oak

LifeWay’s offer is outrageous

Thank you for your excellent editorial on Glorieta. I have been following this case with my friends, who are homeowners. 

I just wanted to stress that the word “cabins” is deceiving. Some of those so-called cabins are in actuality homes, many of which have been appraised upwards, into the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars per house, as well as a lodge appraised at $1.4 million. So, to have LifeWay offer the homeowners a minimum of $40,000 and a maximum of $100,000 per house, is quite outrageous.

I am a minister’s daughter, fourth generation, with a bachelor’s degree in business from a Christian university, and have been an executive director for an international Christian corporation. I just wanted to remind LifeWay that Jesus is watching everything they are doing and attempting to do against, the homeowners. Jesus is also their Vindicator.

Joan Tallent


Glorieta ‘tragedies’ recited

Thank you for your willingness to bring to light the tragic events of LifeWay’s sale of the Glorieta campus.

My wife and I have been homeowners at Glorieta for 10 years and are retired Southern Baptist home missionaries and ministers. I believe the real tragedies of LifeWay’s handling of the sale of Glorieta are:

--The theft of millions of dollars from retired ministers, missionaries, widows and other homeowners’ retirement money in the name of Jesus.

--The rejection of LifeWay to adhere to any moral responsibility to abide to their own published Christian core values.

--The rejection of our Southern Baptist heritage of leadership of the past 60 years that encouraged other Southern Baptist individuals and churches to build homes, buy homes and lodges to help promote the Glorieta experience.

--The redirection of the Sunday School Board (LifeWay) from Christ centered to a profit-center organization.

--The rejections of Southern Baptist Convention’s dreams of providing a training retreat center for the West so we can continue our commitment to the Great Commission and the Great Commandments.

LifeWay has made it clear that doing business with a Christian organization can be costly.

I would be interested to know if LifeWay sells the bracelets with “ WWJD” on it and if they would dare to wear one.

John W. Yarbrough


Glorieta: ‘A valuable treasure’

Last August, I left Glorieta Baptist Conference Center for probably the last time. After over 35 visits to that glorious place, I said goodbye to the Glorieta I have known it since 1968.

As I left the gate, I was unable to recognize the emotion I was feeling. Mad and angry came to mind but I quickly settled on disappointment—disappointed in the way Southern Baptist leaders allowed it to deteriorate to the point that it was not likely it could be restored.

Disappointment really describes my feelings toward those leaders who let this Baptist treasure slip out of the hands of Baptists. I can’t imagine the feelings of those Southern and New Mexican Baptists who struggle back in the 1950s to see it become a reality only to see it go away.

Glorieta is more than a camp or conference center. It is/was a valuable treasure we entrusted to our leaders. Thousands of life-changing decisions have been made on these hallowed grounds. I can personally speak to those times that affected my life. It has been my honor to lead conferences, attend conference, experience dynamic worship and connect with Baptist friends from all over the world.

Blessings to Camp Eagle and all those who will use these grounds in the future. They are moving into a place that is much more than a beautiful mountain setting. They will inhabit a holy place that God has used to speak and move in miraculous ways.

Chris Liebrum


The bothersome thing about Glorieta

Thanks for the editorial on the sale of Glorieta and the resulting lawsuits.

From the beginning, I could not believe Glorieta lost money the last 24 years. The losses in financial backing came after the “takeover” of Southwestern Seminary and the resulting diversion of money from Texas Baptists and others. 

What bothers me also is the attitude of Lifeway. Their response is that of a corporate mentality: “If you don’t like what we’re doing, try suing us. We’ve got plenty of lawyers!” 

Paul Smith

Wichita, Kan.

Confusion with Baylor

I'm confused and disillusioned with Baylor University.

I'm paid up as a life member of the Baylor Alumni Association. Where do I stand with the Baylor Alumni Network?

As far as I know, I have never been contacted by the Network. Seems like the administration is afraid of independent thought and scrutiny.

Eric Curton

The Villages, Fla.

Immigration poll offers encouragement

I was greatly encouraged by the results of the Lifeway Research poll on immigration reform.

As someone who works with the evangelical community on immigration reform, it is good to hear more and more pastors are responding to Scripture’s leading on how to treat immigrants and in understanding the great opportunity we have with the Lord bringing the nations to us.  

They’re not objects, but, as your article showed, they’re suffering people who need the love of Christ expressed in the local church.  

I pray that more and more will respond as churches and that they’ll let their congressional representatives know they support the idea of reform as well.  

For those who need more information, visit the Evangelical Immigration Table website.

Tim Isaacson

Atlanta, Ga.

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