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Letters: New definition of ‘bivocational’

New definition of ‘bivocational’

Concerning pastoral compensation in a local church: I am the widow of a Texas Baptist pastor, and I remember churches insisting that I not have a job other than that of the wife of the pastor. That usually was a real financial hardship for our family of four, and later five, members.

Any time the pastor’s wife has to work outside the home or church in order to provide adequately for their family, the pastor should be considered bivocational.

Martha Joe Thrasher


Glorieta, LifeWay & arbitration

When we bought a cabin at Glorieta in 2005, we did not ever consider we were leasing the land from a non-Christian group (LifeWay).  We assumed whatever happened, it would be handled in a godly manner. 

Lifeway and the Southern Baptist Convention seem to print and own Bibles but do not practice that which is within. 

The lease I signed says that if a dispute arises, LifeWay and lessee are obligated to abide by a Christian arbitrator’s decision. LifeWay refuses to honor their lease agreement.

Mike Wilcox

Glorieta, N.M.

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