Letters: Pastors, preachers & prophets

Letters: Pastors, preachers & prophets

Pastors, preachers & prophets

Jerold McBride is right on target in “God’s word and Duck Dynasty controversy” comments.

McBride has accepted the role of being a "21st century prophet” by stepping out of the crowd of modern preachers, and speaking with boldness the true word of God. Too many so-called religious people are re-writing the Bible to make their sinful viewpoints appear to be acceptable to God and mankind.

I call on Baptist ministers to become what God called them to be—pastors, preachers and prophets. All sinners are welcome in church, where they should hear the full word of God. Salvation is available to all.

It’s called “Good News”!

Bob Campbell

Missouri City

Labeling the Antichrist

Just about every pope and such people as Henry Kissinger have been tagged with the Antichrist label.

If you want a person from history who has been a negative to Christianity in a big way, then think about Mohammed.

Don Taylor


Baylor Alumni Association & independence

As a Baylor alumnus and lifetime member of the Baylor Alumni Association, I would suggest that BAA not make its primary mission to be an independent voice from the administration. It has successfully alienated itself from the university, and its independence is being granted in full. Ultimately, its independence will lead to irrelevance.

Brandon Lackey


Demographics of racism

What I have noticed is there are lot of organizations and individuals that make millions dollars—yes, millions—on racism. These entities must keep racism alive to continue the dollars rolling in.

The blacks that I associate with do not feel they are discriminated by racism. But then, these blacks are hard-working family people. What is missing from all this discussion is the demographics of all those that feel discriminated against.

Fred Rosenbaum


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