Letters: Begin with repentance & forgiveness

Letters: Begin with repentance & forgiveness

I cannot agree more with regards to your request to repent and forgive. In as much as we desire revival of our churches, we must start with prayer, repentance and forgiveness.

If the Holy Spirit compels us to reconcile within the local body of Christ, then praise be to God, but on his time. Let us pursue righteousness and allow God in Christ to move us toward him.

Our denominational wars are but smoking embers in the context of a dying world and nation. Knowing Christ and becoming a Christ follower is a far more important a message.

Prentiss Yeates


LifeWay & Glorieta: ‘Black eye for our denomination’

For the past 30 years, I have been a supportive and regular customer of LifeWay Christian Resources. However, after reading about LifeWay’s unwillingness to pay Glorieta homeowners fair market value  for their homes, I decided to withdraw any and all support of LifeWay products in general.

I have not been inside a LifeWay store for the past five months, and Mardel’s has become a better place to shop for Christian books and supplies. They, too, are aware of this LifeWay/Southern Baptist mess and are praying. 

LifeWay administrators and trustees need to do what’s right, and in addition to repentance and remorse, give Glorieta homeowners fair market value for their homes. It is appalling and shameful what LifeWay is trying to do. It is a black-eye for LifeWay and our denomination.

I have provided my church leaders and friends with a copy of the news article regarding the issue. Several of us are giving prayerful consideration to picketing the Lifeway store in Abilene, Texas. Several of my friends in Oklahoma City and Tacoma, Washington are outraged and prayerfully considering picketing Lifeway stores there. Hopefully, the media will find enough interest in this issue to cover it.

Mary Gruben


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