Letters: Capital punishment ‘inhuman and stupid’

Letters: Capital punishment ‘inhuman and stupid’

Capital punishment ‘inhuman and stupid’

Your editorial about the death penalty expresses many of my thoughts on the subject. However, there are additional things we should consider.

The cost. How much more does it cost to sentence a person to execution and then finance all the appeals until it is over?

Guilty people going free. I feel sure the death penalty is why O.J. Simpson was not convicted of a double murder. There must be some level of “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” that is at least slightly higher when we are talking about taking a life.

Is the death penalty the most extreme punishment? I would submit that many killers don’t think so. Timothy McVeigh is the most vivid example. How many other killers chose to take their own lives rather than face life in prison with no parole?

So, why do we still have the death penalty when it is inhuman and stupid? Because it is a hot button politicians with no moral compass use to deceive the voters, and it works. 

Carl Hess

Ozark, Ala.

God ordained capital punishment

The spirit of this world says all are innocent, even murderers and rapists. God gave the ability to take life for premeditated crimes. 

I like his plan much more than the world’s “let’s just forgive everyone” plan.

Joel Blaylock


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