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Kudos for committee

The search committee that introduced the Baptist General Convention of Texas to our new executive director, Randel Everett, did an outstanding job.

They worked diligently to hear from a large cross-section of Texas Baptists, poured over numerous resumes, prayed fervently, traveled extensively and then made an excellent choice.

I am very grateful for all they accomplished and would love to see their names listed as a statement of our appreciation for the stellar work they’ve done.

Raymond McHenry



Texas Baptist ForumEditor’s Note: Search committee members were Ken Hugghins, chairman, and Michael Bell, Linda Brian, Stacy Conner, Teo Cisneros, Gloria DuBose, Gary Elliston, Elizabeth Hanna, Mary Humphries, Dan Malone, John Nguyen, Jim Nelson, Steve Wells and Dan Wooldridge.

Separation & freedom

Pamela Durso defends the “separation of church and state,” arguing that early Baptists “tirelessly worked for religious freedom for all people” and that “stories of those early Baptists need to be told” (June 9). The story that immediately leapt to mind was the story of the Danbury Baptist Association. The Danburys were the recipients of the letter from Thomas Jefferson that introduced “separation” into constitutional discourse.

But that story does not jive with Durso’s column. Historical evidence suggests the Danbury Baptists were not pleased to receive the letter.  They were definitely champions of religious liberty, but they did not believe that “separation” was necessary to achieve this freedom. Nor did they want such a separation. Their religious faith was too important for them to voluntarily drive it completely out of one portion of their lives.

The story of early Baptists needs to be told. But these stories do not reflect a universal support of “separation” as the only route to religious freedom.

Tara Ross



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