Texas Baptist Forum: Proper Loyalty II

I do not know where the letter regarding “Proper loyalty” is coming from (July 21). Our country church regards their patriotism as a blessing under Almighty God—and still follows the age-old tradition of respect for our flag when it passes by.

We also cite the Pledge of Allegiance with patriotic fervency.

And I don’t believe voting was the agenda when Jesus walked on this earth.

We need to be careful not to cross the line of denigrating patriotism such as novelist Barbara Kingsolver was quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Patriotism threatens free speech with death. It despises people of foreign birth … . The American flag stands for intimidation, censorship, violence, bigotry, sexism, homophobia and shoving the Constitution through a paper shredder. Whom are we calling terrorists?”

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One does not have to be a Republican to be a true American—or even a Christian. But to be a patriotic American might put the brand upon one as a terrorist.

Sue Murray


Baylor advice

Well, guess we all knew John Lilley’s tenure as president was coming to an end at Baylor University.

Interim president? How about Brian Harbour, class of ’66 and now retired pastor of First Baptist Church in Richardson—and a former regent himself.

Just a suggestion from a freshman who appreciated the friendship of a senior.

Bob Gillchrest

San Diego


Heal the hurting

The most recent edition of the Baptist Standard (July 21) covers the sadness and disappointment of “wounded ministers” who find themselves in real dilemmas with their congregations, and I’m sure, with themselves.

I suggest the Baptist General Convention of Texas purchase all the unsold copies of Edward B. Bratcher’s book, The Walk-on-Water Syndrome, and make a gift of the book to any hurting pastor in the state who requests a copy.

Bratcher’s book has written across the top of the dust cover, “Dealing with Professional Hazards in the Ministry.” 

Bill Simpson

San Antonio



The editorial, “Can we disagree and be nice?” (July 21) should be pasted in our homes and churches. 

Two friends and I were speaking on this very subject. We feel as though we would lose Christian friends if they knew how we plan to vote in the fall election.

You list the tragedy of resorting to anger when we disagree: “People who disagree with us aren’t necessarily totally wrong, and their disagreement doesn’t make them totally bad.”

All married couples need to carry your quote around with them: “100% agreement not mandatory.”

Jane Crawford



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