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West Texas missing

The list of nominees for Baptist General Convention of Texas trustees/directors (Oct. 27) is quite interesting. If you look at their hometowns and draw a line from Amarillo to Midland to San Angelo to San Antonio, you will find names from only three cities—Muleshoe, Odessa and Del Rio—west of that line.

I realize that segment of the state isn’t as heavily populated, but there are plenty of Baptists in this vast territory.

I’m hoping this isn’t a normal pattern of leadership for the Baptist General Convention of ... Texas.

Don Henry



Texas Baptist Forum Russian encouragement

We know many of our friends in the United States are disappointed John McCain did not win the presidential election. Russian Baptists too are concerned the struggle for Christian values—for the family and against abortion—may have suffered a setback.

But we hope the victory of a Democratic president might lead to better relations between the USA and Russia. We hope the war in Iraq can end soon, and the USA might again become a part of the “concert” of European nations. May the USA see itself as a partner and not as a country apart and aloof from other nations. We do not want another Cold War.

We are happy Barack Obama is a member of a Protestant denomination and he has close ties to the Baptist community in Chicago.

We congratulate him on his victory, for it shows that even a person with a very modest background can achieve great things. That is a source of hope to all of us. His victory is an example of the great possibilities which democracy can bring.

We wish Barack Obama and our two countries God’s best.

Vitaly Vlasenko

Director for External Church Relations

Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists

Moscow, Russia

Denounce racism

The appalling activities that occurred on Baylor University’s campus on Election Day and since are despicable and should be repudiated by every one of us who holds a Baylor degree.

The Standard reported a noose was found hanging from a tree, and police had to be called to quell a politically inflamed shouting match in front of Penland Hall.

Several current students to whom I’ve spoken are aghast at the T-shirts and comments across campus that cast the results of the election in virulent and even apocalyptic terms.

At this moment, I am not “Baylor Proud.” How sad that, at a school which claims to maintain exceptional Christian values, students’ responses fall so far short of even the most basic civil behavior. What a contrast to John McCain’s concession speech and his eloquent plea for unity.

I’m grateful for Interim President David Garland’s strong denunciation of the events. Every alumnus should join him.

Robert Dilday

Richmond, Va.

Jimmy Carter's arrogance

It’s so comforting to know Jimmy Carter has the answers to all the problems that that could restore the U.S. standing abroad (Nov. 3). The arrogance of this man truly astounds me.

As the worst president this country has ever experienced, our media still grants him a forum to lecture us on how horrible America is and how his worldview is what will save us. When he had the chance, his policies did far more damage to America’s reputation than anything President Bush has done, by projecting the U.S. as a weakling nation that wasn’t interested in standing up to tyrannical dictators and godless communism. Not to mention his disastrous domestic policies that created record high inflation and unemployment as well as anti-family judicial appointments.

Steve Kent




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