Where's the 'war on Christmas?'

TEXAS BAPTIST FORUM: I'm surprised we aren't seeing more letters to the editor and emails complaining about the imaginary "war on Christmas.

Mormons and faith

TEXAS BAPTIST FORUM: Mormons are not Christian but are a group that adds words and pagan practices to their religion at the time they need them.

Religious liberty and soul competency

TEXAS BAPTIST FORUM: David Moore presents a good case for religious liberty and soul competency in "Should I vote for a Mormon?" (Sept. 17). But he fails to face Mitt Romney's own claim about his faith.

Texas Baptist Forum

We do not have a "gun problem" in the United States, but a sin problem.

Texas Baptist Forum: 2nd Amendment revisited

Knox does not know what he is talking about when he mentions militias.

Texas Baptist Forum

Allow the law-abiding citizens to be armed, and the massacres will stop, along with a lot of other crimes.

Texas Baptist Forum

The No. 1 problem is the human condition permeated with hatred, abusiveness, greed, infidelity and other sins.

Texas Baptist Forum

"I neglected to give credit where it is due in my response when accepting the Greg Warner Lifetime Achievement Award from Associated Baptist Press." -- Toby Druin.

Texas Baptist Forum

God instituted marriage and family. One man; one woman.

Texas Baptist Forum

A hardy amen  for Robert Jeffress and his stand on gay marriage.

Texas Baptist Forum: Casual faith?

Do you think the general public is becoming more casual about faithfulness to the Lord?

Texas Baptist Forum

Disappointed by Baptist Conference on Sexuality.

Texas Baptist Forum

Human-caused global warming is a pure political lie.

Texas Baptist Forum

Our churches are becoming islands.

Texas Baptist Forum

I read the story about the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship conference on sexuality in both the Baptist Standard and the rival state Baptist group's paper. I am not completely sure if it was the same conference or not.
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