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We have a burden we cannot carry by ourselves. This burden has to do with our dear friends who live across the Rio Grande border of our state.

Texas Baptist Forum

Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy can be summed up in a simple, but profound, four-letter word—L-O-V-E.

Texas Baptist Forum: Praying over Christmas cards

Last year, when I was about to discard the Christmas cards we received, my wife suggested I keep them and pray each day for a person/family/business who sent a card.

Texas Baptist Forum

It was so refreshing to read the article about Stephen Colbert’s testimony before Congress

Texas Baptist Forum

If the Founding Fathers had intended for this wall  of separation of church and state to be, they would have said so.

Texas Baptist Forum

Any step taken by any Baptist entity that runs the risk of increasing distance from the BGCT, and thus from Texas Baptists, is a step that should never be taken.

Texas Baptist Forum

Follow up on the report about Graffiti and Graffiti 2 ministries in New York City.

Texas Baptist Forum

It is shameful our country is failing to reduce significantly the increasing numbers of people living in poverty.

Texas Baptist Forum

It seems intolerance has the upper hand right now. How sad.

Texas Baptist Forum: Islamic cousins?

I take issue with the statement that we’re “all descendants of Abraham,” which I doubt both genetically and spiritually.

Texas Baptist Forum

More than a war of words regarding militant Islamic terrorism, we need Muslim activists!

Texas Baptist Forum (Updated)

I still am in shock over the cut in insurance benefits for our retired Southwestern Seminary professor.

Texas Baptist Forum (updated)

At last, we should make our cry a public lamentation for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas Baptist Forum

Nothing has disappointed me more than Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary dropping insurance coverage of her retired staff/employees.

Texas Baptist Forum

"The BP Gulf oil spill was unintentional, but it was not an accident."
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