Texas Baptist Forum (Updated)

I still am in shock over the cut in insurance benefits for our retired Southwestern Seminary professor.

Texas Baptist Forum (updated)

At last, we should make our cry a public lamentation for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas Baptist Forum

Nothing has disappointed me more than Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary dropping insurance coverage of her retired staff/employees.

Texas Baptist Forum

"The BP Gulf oil spill was unintentional, but it was not an accident."

Texas Baptist Forum

I believe Laura Bush has an ongoing relationship with the Lord, and her faith, like my own, has matured over time.

Texas Baptist Forum

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Great Commission Task Force report, like Brutus with Caesar, shows up late and then praises our Cooperative Program before assassinating it.

Texas Baptist Forum

Great Commission Resurgence Task Force recommendation No. 4 (the “redirection” of the North American Mission Board) has got to be defeated.

Texas Baptist Forum

Your church could receive a great benefit if you send your pastor and spouse to the Baptist World Congress July 28-Aug. 1.

Texas Baptist Forum

I am so disappointed the Baptist Standard would allow political bias and untruths to grace its pages, such as “Being upset is now all the rage” by Tom Ehrich (April 12).

Texas Baptist Forum: Cowboy churches

Should a church exist around a special interest, like the Cowboy churches?

Texas Baptist Forum

Plumbers, doctors, and lawyers are a profession. Cowboys are a culture.

Texas Baptist Forum

I believe a movement that has come into vogue in the last several years—namely “cowboy churches”—may not necessarily be a desirable phenomenon.

Texas Baptist Forum

My friends on the Baylor University board of regents are urging patient understanding from our Texas Baptist family concerning the appointment of Kenneth Starr as president of the university.

Texas Baptist Forum

I respectfully disagree with Richard Berry’s comparison of the ungodly behavior of the Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai with contemporary worship.

Texas Baptist Forum: Need for prayer warriors

Just think what 100,000 groups of four and five people meeting once a week to pray for revival could accomplish.
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