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My friends on the Baylor University board of regents are urging patient understanding from our Texas Baptist family concerning the appointment of Kenneth Starr as president of the university.

Texas Baptist Forum

I respectfully disagree with Richard Berry’s comparison of the ungodly behavior of the Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai with contemporary worship.

Texas Baptist Forum: Need for prayer warriors

Just think what 100,000 groups of four and five people meeting once a week to pray for revival could accomplish.

Texas Baptist Forum

Do we need a debate on whether Muslims should serve in the U.S. armed forces?

Texas Baptist Forum: Pastoral expectations

A pastor search committee needs to prepare a written resumé to define the candidate who would fulfill the church’s expectations.

Texas Baptist Forum

There’ll always be a Christmas

Texas Baptist Forum

An army that shoots its wounded.

Texas Baptist Forum

Bail-outs—with taxpayer money...What greater example do we as Baptists need to never accept government money?

Texas Baptist Forum

I’ve never had a DOM I didn’t love, appreciate and respect.

Texas Baptist Forum: Internet rumors

You are correct in saying Christians should hold ourselves to the highest standards in truth-telling.

Texas Baptist Forum: Baylor alumni proposal, for and against

The Baylor alumni proposal, for and against

Texas Baptist Forum: Letter from a die-hard sports fan

Texas Baptist Forum: This is a letter from a die-hard sports fan.

Texas Baptist Forum

"Like most Christians, I am stunned to read about the Tempe, Ariz., Baptist pastor who prays for the death of our president."

Texas Baptist Forum

We would like to thank Texas Baptists for sending students to be involved this summer through Nehemiah Teams.

Texas Baptist Forum: Foreign aid

We need better foreign aid that uses the resources we already have in a more efficient way.
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