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Letters: More on Race in sentencing

Many people grow up in a bad environment, in poverty, with drugs, etc. But many also escape from their situation. Why is it that we Christians keep on blaming the environment for people’s sinful behavior.

Letters: Race in sentencing

Letters: Race in sentencing

Regarding “Evangelical leaders protest race in sentencing” : It is unfortunate when an “expert witness” chooses to ignore other factors in dealing with “dangerousness.”

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Letters: The lack of civility

The 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas has been all over our TV this week. 

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Lifting up the poor

Jesus does not force his followers to do anything, but Jesus desires our minds and hearts be attuned to lifting up the poor.

Letters: Tax-exempt status

Letters: Tax-exempt status

When churches complain about their inability to engage in politicking, they are only complaining about the cost of the tax-free status they have freely chosen to accept.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Editorial independence

It is a bad day when Christian news has to be controlled by powers of the church fathers.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Background checks

I see a lot of problems with background checks.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Thanks for 'Love' editorial

Thank you for “Love, not condemnation, leads the world to Jesus.” 

Letters: Prison ministry

Letters: Looking for inmate disciplers

We are looking for associations or churches that would host a training event for first-time volunteers in the Restorative Justice Ministries in Texas.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Corporations not protected?

I am confused about the argument that some have made regarding a corporation is not an individual and therefore not protected by the constitution.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Overcome greed & prejudice

Your editorial on values and recent remarks by the new pope renew my faith that Christians can make a difference against greed and prejudice.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Pope isn't more liberal

Many in the media think the Catholic pope is becoming more liberal, but he isn’t. He doesn’t think women should have the same rights as men.

Letters Baylor

Letters: Long-gone Baylor days

I’m a former officer of the Baylor Alumni Association, and I’ve always been a proud Baylor grad, but those days are gone.


Letters: Americans' spirits overlooked

(Updated) What connection do our body, soul and spirit have to each other? A person is the only living creature that was given all three.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: MLK and voter ID

I pastor a church that has become increasingly ethnically diverse over the years. I have also been a careful student of not only the “I Have a Dream” speech of Martin Luther King, but also many of his other sermons.

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