Voices: Baptists, remember your history in 2016

Baptists were born out of a reaction against the mingling of religion and political power, which doesn’t work out well for anybody for very long. Christianity is designed in such a way that it does not need “power” of this sort to survive and grow.

Kyle Lake

Voices: Viewing the gift of life through Kyle Lake’s lens

Eleven years after his accidental death, former Texas pastor Kyle Lake still inspires friends and former parishioners to taste: “Taste every ounce of flavor. Taste every ounce of friendship. Taste every ounce of Life. Because it is most definitely a gift.”

child playful

Voices: Jesus isn’t done talking—then and now

Do you ever wonder why Luke tells the story of the two praying men right beside the story of Jesus welcoming the children? Maybe humility is the big idea.

flag arrows

Voices: What makes us Christian?

I am in the Christian faith because I love God, and I want to love my neighbor and because I am convinced God loves us all. Politics do not make us Christian. Christ is what unites us. Not Donald Trump. Not political campaigns. Not being on this side or that side of an issue.

child grief

Voices: The power of silence in the face of grief

Our presence is our greatest ministry to those walking through grief. Silence is not something we have to fill. Silence is an opportunity for us to sit and cry with those who are hurting. Powerful ministry happens in silence.


Voices: Thank God for the saints who shaped us

It is a gift of the church that none of us is without mothers and fathers. … When our biological parents fail us, we look to men and women in our churches and faith traditions.


Voices: How to apologize

I want to teach my sons not to rape and to teach my daughters that no one has a right to use or abuse them. And I want your sons and daughters to learn the same thing. I want every child—boy or girl—to be safe from sexual exploitation.

Bible Constitution

Voices: Reclaiming the Baptist distinctive of religious liberty

Seeking to maintain and protect religious liberty has the potential to unify Baptists in a context in which we are increasingly becoming divided

fear not

Voices: No room for political fear

Our hope in Christ is that this world—no matter who wins our presidential election—is heading for redemption and renewal.

USA flag

Voices: The revelatory election for U.S. churches

We sit weeks away from a long electoral season finally ending, and by God’s grace, the church has been shown to be weaker than it thought and more divided than it imagined.


Voices: Lord, make our world safe for women

For the sake of every human being on the planet, we must speak out and work to transform a culture that normalizes the assault and objectification of women.


Voices: Vote for what is good for our neighbors

When voting, Christians should consider what is good for our neighbors before we consider what is good for ourselves, says Myles Werntz, the T.B. Maston Chair of Christian Ethics at Hardin-Simmons University’s Logsdon Seminary.

Food Pantry

Voices: 2nd conversions, joining God, feeding folks

Do you want to feed hungry people? Good. You are seeking God’s kingdom where you are. But what if God already is feeding hungry people somewhere in your neighborhood and the best thing you can do is to join God there?


Voices: The art of the congregational deal

Our best chance of healing the national discourse is first healing our local conversations. By working on how we negotiate our own congregational dialogue, we can begin to shape a new conversation that is more civil than what we see on CNN.

Painting of Roger Williams, founder of the first Baptist church in America and a champion of religious liberty.

Voices: Four reasons I became a Baptist

Baptists have much to offer both the church as a whole and the world. If we remember where we came from, we will continue to reach a world in desperate need of what we have to offer.


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