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Voices: Honoring diversity, seeking unity

Can the church in this hyper-partisan culture be a community of true diversity—not of socially mandated opinions, not of watered-down beliefs without substance, but an honest-to-God, one-of-a-kind community of unified diversity?

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Voices: What does 6.5% have to do with your church?

As churches review candidates for pastor and other staff positions, a leader among Baptist women in ministry encourages search committees to consider women and men the same—and differently.

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Voices: Will we become cyborg Christians?

Are we really moving toward a time when the future of business and daily life consists of the fusion between people and machines?


Voices: Keys to church revitalization, Part III

For most of the seven revitalized churches that were studied, the shift from focusing on a traditional worship style to a contemporary worship style was an important part of their revitalization.


Voices: Be careful, little fingers, what you type

The real spiritual danger of the Internet age is that it can encourage that oldest and greatest of sins—pride.


Voices: ‘Be in subjection’ and ‘Go tell that fox’—biblical attitudes to rulers

How should Christians respond to their rulers? The Bible speaks, but the answer is more complex than some Christians claim.


Voices: Jesus-style discipleship

If Jesus had Twitter in his incarnation, his handle would have been @Simply_Make_Disciples.


Voices: Is conversion the cure America needs?

It’s going to take more than conversion to make progress on social ills like racism, violence and poverty. It’s going to take more than individual piety to create a more just society. The highly individualized theology of American Christianity leaves us hamstrung to face the social problems of our time.


Voices: A church for earthlings

Churches are for people, and people are complicated. We’re human, and the records of our faith have not flinched in the face of that fact, so why should our churches?


Voices: Distraction or righteousness?

What this year’s NBA Finals taught us is that racism rears its ugly head anywhere and everywhere.

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Voices: Imagining the church as a hospital for the spiritually ill

If we think of church as a hospital, then under no circumstances could we ever turn someone away because her or his spiritual illness was too severe, or think someone has to change behavior or get healthy before becoming part of our community.


Voices: Can we learn to think like a Christian?

Christian discipleship is all-encompassing, and it has no room for worldly wisdom.


Voices: A challenge to dads at Father’s Day

Fathers, mark your big day by being present with, protecting and praying for your family.

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Voices: A road trip and a 50-billboard treasure

A “regular truck stop” promoted by at least 50 billboards prompted columnist Meredith Stone to ponder values that lie beneath surface observations.

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Voices: A pastor, an imam and a rabbi sit down at a bar …

Steve Bezner, senior pastor of Houston Northwest Church, reflects on the multi-faith future of the globe.

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