Voices: Place ethics ahead of political considerations

A trio of biblical themes—hope, cross and community—provide a lens through which a Christian may examine political candidates and policies and make moral choices.

Jacob struggles

Voices: An appeal for honesty in church

Our churches must be places where we can be honest with one another, where we can say we are bruised and our faith is faintly burning. … We all need the healing power of honest community.


Voices: So your life is being sifted—how Christlike

Just as Jesus’ desert temptations shaped his ministry, the shifting and changing and sorting that occurs in our lives provides opportunities for finding what God has prepared for us.


Voices: Why we do boring things

I hope what I learn while serving on a board helps me be a better dad by helping me encourage my children to grow outside of themselves and their immediate surroundings, making good decisions that will affect people far from them in space and time.


Texas Baptist Voices: God remains close to those searching for home

It is in wandering that the people of God became the people of God, and it is all those seeking a new home whom the people of God must reach out to today.

screen in dark

Voices: Taking back our selves from our soul-stealing (de)vices

If phone screens and computer terminals are negatively affecting our God-given ability and call to connect with other human beings in a God-honoring way, then we need to unplug, Pastor Eric Black says in "Texas Baptist Voices."

church people

Texas Baptist Voices: Salvation is membership

What if my salvation is not just about me? What if God’s plan all along has been through Christ to restore and heal and make whole our oneness with God, with each other and with all of creation?


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