praise hands

Voices: 'He is your praise'

God deemed you worthy of Jesus—and that is the greatest praise you ever could receive.

lightning steeple

Voices: The ‘curse’ that arrives from within

We can’t choose life for just us. We have to choose life for our neighbors as well. Any other way leads to death for us all.

money grab

Voices: Money can stop your heart

Mixing God and money leaves many with heavy hearts. Don’t let money stop your heart. Instead, find freedom and fullness of life by giving your heart completely to God.

political divide

Voices: A call for ceasefire in America's culture war

Too often, we think of ourselves first as Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Christians as well. This is shamefully backwards. We are followers of Christ, children of the one God, who may happen to vote one way more often than the other. The kingdom of God is diverse.

earth dawn

Voices: Exploring the new world in the 21st century

How should people of faith live, and move, and have their being in a chaotically developing new world?

woman reading Bible

Voices: In these political times, protect your soul

Politics must not run our lives. It must not dictate the way we think about and treat others, and it must not leave us in despair. It must not become an idol.


Voices: What is truth? From ‘spin’ down to ‘alternative facts’

Christians should beware the seduction of powerful people who attempt to turn facts upside down.

church as flag

Voices: Lessons I learned from my grandparents about religious liberty

Pastor James Hassell’s grandparents instinctively knew America does not enjoy religious liberty unless all Americans are free to worship according to the dictates of their consciences.


Voices: In Christ, there is no longer male and female

Attend the 2017 Women in Ministry Conference sponsored by Texas Baptist Women in Ministry and Logsdon Seminary at Logsdon’s campus in Abilene Feb. 10-11.


Voices: Find grace and beauty in numbered days

Godly wisdom is marked by knowing our own frailty and seeing each day as a gift from the hand of God, a gift of his grace.


Voices: Public education as a truly conservative Texas value

True conservatives rally around our public schools as the primary vehicles for perpetuating civil society, strengthening our economy and ensuring continued leadership in the world.

refugee boy

Voices: A border that perpetuates suffering is not worth defending

If we must fear, let it be fear of betraying our Lord and being found wanting in the last days, not fear of refugees and other immigrants who wish to join us.

Franklin Graham

Voices: Everything is a Bible issue: A response to Franklin Graham

“America first” is not a concept found in the Bible. “Christ first” is what Scripture teaches us to base all our decisions on.

Obama wave

Voices: A farewell letter to President Barack Obama

Dante Wright, pastor of the Pinnacle of Praise in Round Rock, pens a farewell letter to President Obama.


Voices: Pastors, stop texting church members

When it comes to ministry, the higher the tech, the lower the touch, Houston pastor Steve Bezner explains.

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