Voices: What I learned during Lent this year

No area of our lives should be exempt from Christ’s lordship. Even the things we really, really like.

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Voices: Unlock the doors

After Easter, Jesus finds us where we are hiding, calms our fears and exhorts us to step into the wide, waiting world that needs to receive his hope.


Voices: Hospitality—open hearts, open hands, open homes

A way we as the church show the love of God to one another and to our community is by living with gospel-fueled hospitality.


Voices: My struggle with neo-Luddism

What would happen if we applied a bit of tamed skepticism to technological progress?


Voices: Pence, propriety and devaluing half the American population

Suggesting men and women cannot share a professional meal borders on communicating men and women cannot be held responsible for their choices and actions when they are put in the same room together.

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Voices: Who stands for life? A call to repentance

Both the conservative church and the progressive church in America have shown themselves to care more about political party lines than consistency with God’s revelation.


Voices: What’s in a name?

The contrast between the revered Barnabas and the reviled Ananias and Sapphira provides a morality tale for how Christians respond to need.


Voices: Return again to the well of God’s love

In moments of doubt and despair, our hearts must return to the truth that our identity is in Jesus. We are sons and daughters of the King, who are loved and with whom our Father is well-pleased.


Voices: The myth of secularism

Assuming things are dire when they really are going well sabotages our witness to the world and insults the work of the God who continues to add to our numbers daily.

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Voices: When God turns “Wine Into Water”

If we will give up our thoughts and our ways that take us away from creation as God intended it, and if we will accept God’s thoughts and ways, God will make us new again.


Voices: May women know our churches are filled with 'men on bicycles'

Every woman and girl should know the men in our congregations are “the men on bicycles”—protective, pure, faithful and courageous.


Voices: Keys to church revitalization, Part 1

What causes a congregation to seem negative during decline and exciting during revitalization? Ross Shelton, pastor of First Baptist Church in Brenham, offers some answers.

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Voices: Faith doesn’t require perfection

Faith does not always lead us to victorious living or our best life now. Our better life is not promised here. What is promised here is joy, hope and love in the midst of our wandering.


Voices: If you have the Lord, you have everything

May the church cease to be known as anything other than the people of God’s presence.


Voices: There’s one in every crowd

Does God have a unique assignment for the contrarians in every church? Maybe they’re there to convict everyone else’s conscience.

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