Voices: Let’s get back to basic Christianity

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Christianity has become more complicated than it was intended to be. Instead of a basic relationship between us and Jesus, layers have been added. Now, we’re expected to be academics, in the right group or an ordained pastor.

We need to get back to basic Christianity.

Christianity made complicated

How were people saved in the early days of Christianity? There were no intellects like so many want to be in one fashion or another. Just the Holy Spirit and an incomplete Bible.

Many of our elaborate writings seem to be missing the mark. Christianity must be presented in a way everyone—a child even—can understand.

We attack each other in our well-written articles and hide the contempt we have for one another through our slick narratives.

All the comments flowing from the numerous enlightened minds is overwhelming. I look on with bewilderment and wonder if Jesus even understands it. What happened to basic Christianity?

Our job description as a Christian is simple. Our job is not to create an academic environment. You don’t need that to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to bring people to Christ.

Why are there a gazillion different tribes for all the variations of Christianity? There is one God and one truth.

When I read the Bible, I try to put myself in the place of a child. Many complex problems we create suddenly are clarified. The Holy Spirit gives understanding.

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Let’s get back to the basics and start reaching out to those we have hated because of the tribes they have joined. This madness has gone far enough.

The Christian’s job

When was the last time you witnessed to someone—not sending out missionaries or being on the pastor selection committee, but one-on-one, just you and the Holy Spirit? If we do a critical evaluation of ourselves, we may be found wanting.

I am not clergy in any form or fashion. I definitely am not a layman, which isn’t even biblical, and I resent being called that. I actually am a priest. All saved people are priests.

Many church leaders have robbed us of our heritage. Pastors face burnout from being overworked, while we priests hunger to share the workload with you. But so many pastors will not rely on us, because we might not be up to the task of doing the polished work of the church.

God’s work deals with dirty, unkempt lost spirits. God gives us spiritual gifts for this work.

What a mess we have gotten ourselves into. I am a priest; for God’s sake, treat me like one.

We need to anchor ourselves back to Christ and get back to the real work at hand.

Larry Gordon is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army, followed by 20 years as a civilian at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas, where he currently resides. The views expressed are those solely of the author.

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