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Editorial: Now is the time to reclaim ‘patriotism’

We talk about patriotism quite a bit around Independence Day. But what does being a patriot mean for a Christian in 21st century America?


Voices: Is conversion the cure America needs?

It’s going to take more than conversion to make progress on social ills like racism, violence and poverty. It’s going to take more than individual piety to create a more just society. The highly individualized theology of American Christianity leaves us hamstrung to face the social problems of our time.


2nd Opinion: Old wolf of racism appears in alt-right sheep’s clothing

The base of the alt-right movement is “white nationalism, or at least white identity politics.”


Guest editorial: What if churches re-evaluate instead of scapegoat?

Scapegoating has become far too common among churches as a means of diverting attention from actual causes to projected ones.

California: ‘I did not sign up for this’

California: ‘I did not sign up for this’

Student Missions blog: It was a long week, and it had not been what I thought it was going to be. There have been multiple times I have said to myself, “I did not sign up for this.”


Music, SBC and Shariah

Letters this week addressed a column on songwriting, the Southern Baptist Convention’s resolution decrying the alt-right movement and Shariah law.

Tim Farron

Editorial: We need people of robust faith in both political parties

If people of faith are shut out of either major political party, then voices for moral principles and transcendent values will be diminished.


Voices: A church for earthlings

Churches are for people, and people are complicated. We’re human, and the records of our faith have not flinched in the face of that fact, so why should our churches?


Voices: Distraction or righteousness?

What this year’s NBA Finals taught us is that racism rears its ugly head anywhere and everywhere.

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Voices: Imagining the church as a hospital for the spiritually ill

If we think of church as a hospital, then under no circumstances could we ever turn someone away because her or his spiritual illness was too severe, or think someone has to change behavior or get healthy before becoming part of our community.

Howard Anderson

Howard Anderson: ‘Building people to do great work’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Howard Anderson, founding pastor of the “Exciting” Singing Hills Baptist Church in Dallas.

Anti-Sharia march

Commentary: How anti-Shariah marches mistake Muslim concepts for law

A legal scholar explains Shariah law, and why—despite fears and protests to the contrary—it is not a threat to non-Muslims.

Armenian church behind barbed wire Baghdad, Iraq. (Photo: homocosmicos / Bigstock)

2nd Opinion: Returning Iraqi Christians to their persecutors

If the church in America isn’t outraged, vocal and actively pursuing a reversal of the policy of deporting Iraqi Christians back to their homeland, then who will? Who will stop an action that will send these people back to Iraq to face almost certain intense persecution and potentially death? (Baptist News Global)


Guest editorial: Lessons from a palm tree

A longtime missionary observes how palm trees provide a compelling metaphor for spiritual resilience.

England: Stripped of security blankets

England: Stripped of security blankets

Student Missions Blog: I am, by nature, a shy, reserved, look-before-I-leap creature of habit with an utter lack of confidence in social interactions. Leeds called me to be a gregarious, warm, adaptable risk-taker. … My security blankets all were left behind in America.

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