SCOTUS playground

Guest editorial: To avoid meddling, government should not fund churches

A Supreme Court case involving state aid for a church playground could alter the landscape of church-state relations.

church puzzle

Editorial: Ask yourself, 'How thick is my church?'

Is your church thick or thin? The answer says much about how effectively it embodies the gospel.

cross sunbeams

Guest editorial: Are you living on the right side of Easter?

Do you and your church live in the shadows of pre-Easter fear or the light of post-Easter hope and confidence?


Voices: What I learned during Lent this year

No area of our lives should be exempt from Christ’s lordship. Even the things we really, really like.

Keys Bible

Voices: Unlock the doors

After Easter, Jesus finds us where we are hiding, calms our fears and exhorts us to step into the wide, waiting world that needs to receive his hope.

Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson: ‘Blessed to the point of bursting’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Greg Robinson, pastor of Bono Baptist Church in Godley.

united airplane

Commentary: Lies lead to violence …

Try to imagine the positive outcomes—and the avoidance of negative consequences—if United Airlines had not lied to passengers on Flight 3411. Apply that to everyday life. (Sojourners)

children smile

Commentary: How Texas churches can help prevent child abuse

Child abuse is an epidemic in Texas. Here’s how your church can help prevent, report and respond to abuse.


Capital punishment, profs' confession

This week’s letters focus on the state of Arkansas’ desire to execute seven inmates in 11 days and a recent statement of political sins by Texas Baptist religion professors.

crown of thorns

Editorial: At Easter, God calls us to lay down our lives for others

This Holy Week, may we respond with gratitude to Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf—living as Easter people, laying down our lives for others so they will know the blessing of joy on Earth and the promise of eternal life with our Savior.


Guest Editorial: At Easter, we celebrate the gift of eternal life

When we celebrate Easter, we express the confident assurance that the risen Christ indwells us even as we live in Christ.


Voices: Hospitality—open hearts, open hands, open homes

A way we as the church show the love of God to one another and to our community is by living with gospel-fueled hospitality.


Voices: My struggle with neo-Luddism

What would happen if we applied a bit of tamed skepticism to technological progress?

Painting depicting Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Commentary: Jesus on strategic visioning

Jesus provides a model for how to live out a clear and compelling mission. His life and practices provide insights for us in our struggle to stay true to our calling as Christians and churches.


Propriety among genders, and a great pastor

Letters this week focused on Meredith Stone’s column on Vice President Mike Pence’s rule about never dining alone with anyone other than his wife, as well as the “Deep in the Hearts of Texans” column by Jacob West.

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