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BGCT president: Election 2016; it's time to vote

It's time to vote. It's also time for us who call on the name of God to show our allegiance and to pray.


Voices: Baptists, remember your history in 2016

Baptists were born out of a reaction against the mingling of religion and political power, which doesn’t work out well for anybody for very long. Christianity is designed in such a way that it does not need “power” of this sort to survive and grow.

Kyle Lake

Voices: Viewing the gift of life through Kyle Lake’s lens

Eleven years after his accidental death, former Texas pastor Kyle Lake still inspires friends and former parishioners to taste: “Taste every ounce of flavor. Taste every ounce of friendship. Taste every ounce of Life. Because it is most definitely a gift.”

child playful

Voices: Jesus isn’t done talking—then and now

Do you ever wonder why Luke tells the story of the two praying men right beside the story of Jesus welcoming the children? Maybe humility is the big idea.

flag arrows

Voices: What makes us Christian?

I am in the Christian faith because I love God, and I want to love my neighbor and because I am convinced God loves us all. Politics do not make us Christian. Christ is what unites us. Not Donald Trump. Not political campaigns. Not being on this side or that side of an issue.

great again

Guest editorial: Studying history is essential for the strength of our democracy

Any politician who wants to make America great again must come to grips with the fact that African-Americans were slaves and the victims of Jim Crow laws. Women were second-class citizens in a patriarchal society that did not give them voting rights.


Start gender reconciliation in church

This week's letter compares racial reconciliation and gender reconciliation.

BGCT President: The Donut Palace

BGCT President: The Donut Palace

The different flavored donuts at the little shop in Castroville not only bring pleasure to the taste, but also bring different flavored people together. 

child grief

Voices: The power of silence in the face of grief

Our presence is our greatest ministry to those walking through grief. Silence is not something we have to fill. Silence is an opportunity for us to sit and cry with those who are hurting. Powerful ministry happens in silence.

Ellis Orozco

Ellis Orozco: Solving community, spiritual and people problems

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Ellis Orozco, pastor of First Baptist Church in Richardson.

syrian refugees

Editorial: Global refugee crisis demands response

How should Christians respond to the plight of 65 million refugees, the worst humanitarian crisis in history?


2nd Opinion: It’s an odd time to be a male

It’s time for Christian men to ask: What have I done to foster a culture where sexual abuse and gender bias are called out for the evil they are? When have I spoken up to say this prevailing attitude is not right? (BNG)


Voices: Thank God for the saints who shaped us

It is a gift of the church that none of us is without mothers and fathers. … When our biological parents fail us, we look to men and women in our churches and faith traditions.

lesson three

Editorial: Your third-most-important lesson

Responding to Marv Knox’s editorial about his second-most-important lesson, readers wrote in to share lessons they have learned.


Letters: Trump, locker room talk and wisdom

This week’s letters respond to last week’s editorial, “How do evangelicals enable locker room talk about women?”

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