Painting depicting Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Commentary: Jesus on strategic visioning

Jesus provides a model for how to live out a clear and compelling mission. His life and practices provide insights for us in our struggle to stay true to our calling as Christians and churches.


Propriety among genders, and a great pastor

Letters this week focused on Meredith Stone’s column on Vice President Mike Pence’s rule about never dining alone with anyone other than his wife, as well as the “Deep in the Hearts of Texans” column by Jacob West.

Glenn Young

Glenn Young: The intersection of God and people

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Glenn Young, pastor of First Baptist Church in Kilgore.


2nd Opinion: Lunch with a married man

Was Meredith Stone’s “Texas Baptist Voices” column countering Vice President Mike Pence’s rule against dining alone with any woman other than his wife correct? A reader offers a second opinion.

New York: A lesson in humility

New York: A lesson in humility

Student Missions Blog: Buying groceries in New York is no easy task, but buying groceries for 10-plus people for several days is really no easy task, especially when it is cold and rainy.

Houston: Tackling brokenness, bringing wholeness

Houston: Tackling brokenness, bringing wholeness

Student Missions Blog: I experienced God during Houston Week. ... I learned seeking God sometimes looks like silently getting your hands dirty, and sometimes the best way to walk in freedom is to serve joyfully.

Tony Romo

Editorial: Winning, losing and playing the game

Society teaches us to measure our effectiveness by the outward appearances of others’ success. But our lives and our churches are better measured by the humble, authentic, faithful way we live and move and have our being.


Voices: Pence, propriety and devaluing half the American population

Suggesting men and women cannot share a professional meal borders on communicating men and women cannot be held responsible for their choices and actions when they are put in the same room together.

boys in Mosul

Voices: Who stands for life? A call to repentance

Both the conservative church and the progressive church in America have shown themselves to care more about political party lines than consistency with God’s revelation.


Voices: What’s in a name?

The contrast between the revered Barnabas and the reviled Ananias and Sapphira provides a morality tale for how Christians respond to need.

Jacob West

Jacob West: Called to be ‘God’s redemptive instrument’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Jacob West, pastor of First Baptist Church in Stamford.

US-Mexico flags

Guest editorial: Confessions of an immigrant

To be a Christian is to be an immigrant. … Our main loyalty is to Christ, but we also remain committed to our fellow citizens here on earth. Christ commands us to love our neighbors, regardless of their color, nationality or even religion.


2nd Opinion: American exceptionalism at a crossroads?

Whatever else Donald Trump’s presidency means, it is a moment when nation and church must rethink identity and reclaim values. (BNG)

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Reeves: Wrestling with God

We all wrestle with God. The key is to realize accepting defeat ultimately is accepting victory. Clinging to God truly is the Magnificent Defeat.


Health care ethics, Moore and Southern Baptists, mental health care

Letters this week focus on the ethics of the Affordable Care Act, the Southern Baptist Convention’s response to ethics leader Russell Moore and the current Texas debate over mental health care.

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