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Voices: Why I still call myself an evangelical

Despite recent trends that cast “evangelical” as a political label, columnist Jake Raabe intends to continue to identify himself that way—for historical and theological reasons.


2nd Opinion: Hail to the ‘Donald’ in all of us

The United States’ new president has a lot in common with all of us—including the need for prayer, contributor Marcia Davis suggests.


Featherstone: Equipping others to spread the gospel & make an impact

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Allen Featherstone, youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Covington.


Readers offer their takes on Trump, recent editorial

Letters this week respond to last week’s editorial, “Practicing faith in the Age of Trump,” as well as a previous letter about President Trump.

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Reeves: Never retire from serving God

When you follow God wholeheartedly, you’ll never retire from serving him.


To-do list for evangelicals under President Trump

Under President Donald Trump, evangelicals and other Christians should be vigilant to champion the values that flow from the teachings of Jesus. Here are five important topics to monitor and contend with throughout the next four years.


East Asia: Change in direction

Student Missions blog: I had no idea my whole life was going to change over Christmas break. I fell in love with the gospel all over again. I fell in love with showing the love of Jesus to the least of these.

Baton Rouge: Heartbreaking stories and new beginnings

Baton Rouge: Heartbreaking stories and new beginnings

Student Missions Blog: We saw home after home with “for sale” signs in front. FEMA trailers were here and there to provide a home for those lucky enough to receive one. It was sad to see debris still everywhere and for some houses to be in the condition there were in.


Editorial: Practicing faith in the Age of Trump

As Donald Trump enters the White House, evangelicals and other conservative Christians who helped put him there face a crucial challenge: Can they influence his administration to uphold Christian virtues they had to overlook when they cast their ballots?

God calling

Voices: Calling is not a job

God gives each of us a calling, a unique way to be a part of God’s purposes. God can lead us to discover that calling, and God can guide us in finding ways to express that calling—both through work and all that makes up who we are.


Voices: Under the mask, are you a Pharisee?

Here’s a shock: If you’re proud of how hard you try to follow Jesus, you may be a Pharisee.

Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams: It’s ‘all about relationships’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Jeff Williams, pastor of First Baptist Church in Denton.


President Trump, gender equality, mental health

Letters this week focus on the presidency of Donald Trump, gender equality among Texas Baptists and the need for mental health care.


On fire to save lost souls

Christians need to burn with passion to lead others to salvation and rescue them from hell.

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Reeves: Fast-forwarding and God’s promises

Take the promises of God and allow them to give us confidence as we fast forward into our tomorrow.

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