On fire to save lost souls

Christians need to burn with passion to lead others to salvation and rescue them from hell.

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Reeves: Fast-forwarding and God’s promises

Take the promises of God and allow them to give us confidence as we fast forward into our tomorrow.

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Guest editorial: Churches face health-care crisis

More and more churches are forcing ministers to bear the cost of their health insurance, a trend that is unconscionable, consultant Mike Queen insists.

East Asia: Answered prayers all along the way

East Asia: Answered prayers all along the way

In the month leading up to my departure for two weeks in East Asia with Go Now Missions, I prayed most urgently for patience. Christ began answering my prayers, starting at the airport.

South Asia: Where God changed my heart

South Asia: Where God changed my heart

God sent me to South Asia for a reason—so I could share the hope of Jesus Christ with others. Who would have thought a shy college student would be going around looking for people of peace who could open doors for ministry?

Reeves: Losing what we take for granted

Reeves: Losing what we take for granted

Whether it comes to household maintenance, congregational life or relationships, when a person starts to take something for granted, he or she begins to lose it, according to BGCT President Danny Reeves.

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Editorial: Make your wishes known in Austin

During Texas’ 85th Legislative Session, keep up with the issues and make sure your legislators know how you feel.

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Voices: A new wrinkle on evangelicals' old idolatry

In addition to idolizing money, celebrity and power, evangelical Christians have practiced a “new idolatry” of disregarding the personal character of conservative political leaders.


Voices: Reflections of a Gen-X pastor—flee the devil, not the church

Please don’t forget the importance of local churches. They are outposts of the kingdom of God in Texas. Abandoned outposts will come under attack and eventually turn into museums.

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Voices: Should Christianity change to stay relevant?

A healthy, growing church doesn’t come out of subscribing to a particular brand of Christian theology, but from having a theology that is Christian in the first place.

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Voices: Learning to say Yes and No to the world

Christians must ask ourselves what it means to be a Christian in the world, when we are, in fact, sitting in the seat of mockers most of our lives.

John Whitten: ‘We serve a boundary-breaking God’

John Whitten: ‘We serve a boundary-breaking God’

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features John Whitten, pastor of the gathering at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church in Abilene.


Letter: Discover the facts about the Glorieta sale

This week's letter expresses hope that the lawsuit filed against LifeWay will "get to the bottom of what happened at Glorieta."

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Editorial: Hope for the beginning of another year

If you don’t know what to say—or how to pray—at the beginning of a new year, let the Holy Spirit do your talking.


Voices: Protect mental health care in Texas

As the Texas Legislature convenes, the status of mental health care in the state is under threat. Your voice is needed to ensure the mental health care of Texans is not impeded further.

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