Guest editorial: How much should churches pay their ministers?

Perhaps the most disingenuous thing churches do to ministers is offer a “package” and say to the minister, “You get to divide it up any way you like.” This lets the church talk about how much it pays the ministers, but it often is a misleading number.


Editorial: Fear not—why we need Easter this year

The explosions in Belgium remind us that fear and fragility mark our physical existence like a macabre tattoo. But the things we fear are not ultimate, much less eternal.


BGCT president: Lead me to the cross

May we set our eyes and hearts to Jerusalem—the cross—and be amazed as it draws and calls us to be faithful.


Commentary: A different kind of Christian politician

Reddin Andrews’ version of religiously motivated, non-Marxist, democratic socialism illustrates economic reform movements under the socialist banner have not been of one mind.


Guest editorial: Want a healthier congregation? Start with better meetings

Fortunately, when it comes to holding better meetings, there is a middle path between the rock of ham-fisted control and the mushy place of avoidance.


BGCT president: Baptist Health Foundation and Baptist Community Services

Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio and Baptist Community Services in the Panhandle improve Texans' health in the name of Christ.


Only in weakness can you be made strong

If you are called by God to preach and pastor God’s children, it is imperative that regardless of hardships, persecution and difficulties that come your way, strive not to abandon your post, but instead allow this weakness to become God’s strength in you.


In Touch: Fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment

The Great Commandment and the Great Commission intersect frequently, and Texas Baptists are actively working to make sure they do.

Editorial: What does loving this country mean?

Editorial: What does loving this country mean?

Jesus commanded Christians to love God first and then love our neighbor—the “other”—as much as we love ourselves. As much as we love "us"—America.

Guest Editorial: Pathway to peace for a polarized political process

Guest Editorial: Pathway to peace for a polarized political process

The relationship between the late Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg might provide a pathway to peace for our polarized political process.


BGCT president: Wayland Baptist University and Howard Payne University

Wayland Baptist University and Howard Payne University, each more than a century old, were started by Baptist associations.


Decrease the burden of a bivocational/small-church pastorate

To decrease the burden of pastoring a bivocational/small church, the pastor must learn to allow others to assume some of the roles within the church.


2nd Opinion: Contemporary hostility to the free exercise of religion

Religious liberty is far down the path toward becoming a party-line culture war issue. And that is a disaster for religious liberty. (Sightings)

Editorial: The problem with being 'highly religious'

Editorial: The problem with being 'highly religious'

Saying a state—or a person—is "highly religious" is problematic. What this country and world needs is more people who are "highly faithful."


Letter: Follow the law regarding immigration

I, like many others, are frustrated by the actions of our government’s inability to address the immigration problem that is humane and abides by the established immigration law.

The problem is not that we don’t have a big heart It’s that the federal government and the immigration process are terribly broken. Many border patrol agents have resigned or taken early retirement due to the government’s view it is better for children, pregnant women and criminals to walk across the border without due process than to apply appropriately with immigration law.

It may be that the influx of immigration is to stem the tide of people fleeing governmental restraint or collapse. However, as a country is governed best when laws are instituted and implemented, at the very least, it would behoove our nation for the sake of security and common sense to follow the law regarding immigration and not abandon the premise of that citizenship in our nation is a privilege.

Prentiss Yeates



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