Editorial: How do Americans find their way?

Americans agree we’ve lost our way. But we can’t concur on where we are, much less how to get where we’re going and which map to follow. So, what do we do?


Letter: “Flags are not racist; people are”

I have prayed about responding to the Southern Baptist Convention condemning the Confederate Flag.

Does the SBC think this symbolic gesture will actually bring healing to the SBC and our brothers in Christ? Flags are not racist; people are.

The removal of the flag is very much like the cleaning of the outside of the cup and platter in Matthew 23:26. Jesus admonished the Pharisees their “insides” were what was dirty. Removal of a what is perceived as a symbol of sin does not remove the sin, as it is still in the heart.

Likewise, racism is a sin of the heart, not of the skin. All men are guilty of sin. All men, if we are man enough to admit it, sin in the area of racism—white or black or brown. It is one of Satan’s best tools. Even if it is a small first impression when we meet those of different races, it is racism. It is sin ,and only faith in Jesus Christ can remove that sin. It has to be from the inside out, not the outside in by thinking that a mere flag causes racism. It does not. It is much deeper rooted.

I am Southern Baptist to the bone, but I am very disheartened by the SBC dependency on the removal of a flag to cure the convention’s sin of racism. It is not even a good start.

Maybe we should try loving one another just like we are. Jesus did it.

Donald Kimbell

Ruston, La.


2nd Opinion: In supporting Trump, do evangelicals reap what they’ve sown?

"I do not have much patience for evangelical leaders who are shocked and surprised so many people support Donald Trump. We have reaped what we have sown. We evangelicals can, and must, do better."

Tarleton State University: The power of prayer

Tarleton State University: The power of prayer

The leader of the freshman Bible study asked the students who had come to faith in Christ, “Who are some people you know aren’t believers who are living in the same darkness you were just saved from?”

Wales: Flipping the world upside-down

Wales: Flipping the world upside-down

Humility and voluntary submission are foundational for Christian living, and that’s exactly what we’ve found in language learning.


Editorial: Honor mothers by loving foster children

What if Texas Baptists decided we would follow Jesus (who said, “Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me”) and honor our mothers by declaring we will care for Texas’ neediest children?


Analysis: Can America’s largest Protestant denomination stop Trump?

Russell Moore and some other Southern Baptist Convention leaders are speaking out against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign—but to the consternation of others, such as Robert Jeffress of Dallas. (Slate)

West Texas A&M: Here or there

West Texas A&M: Here or there

It is still really hard for me to believe I’m back from East Asia. Partly because it is still a battle to be here—all here—and to want to be here, find joy in being here and in this life.


Mount Fuji, a "fall to grace" and a miracle

"As I prayed, I died. Those in the station covered my face and radioed down that I had passed away. However, God had another plan."


DBU’s Cook reflects on 28-year “sacred trust”

"All of us at Dallas Baptist University are so pleased to be a part of the Baptist family. Our trustees, faculty and staff are committed in the years ahead to serve our Lord faithfully alongside our Baptist brothers and sisters around the world."


2nd Opinion: Why Trump’s rise does not spell the end for the Christian right

If history is our guide, the differences between the Republican Party's God voters and the Country voters will not last long. American Protestants have been fusing God and Country for a long time.


2nd Opinion: The spirituality of Snoopy

How the faith of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, shaped his work. (The Atlantic)


HSU’s Hall reflects on three decades in Christian higher education

"I thank God for Texas Baptists and for the wonderful three decades of service (in Texas Baptist higher education) he has given me. "


Editorial: How should Christians treat others?

The best way to validate the gospel is to embody Jesus’ love for others. Shouting damnation only drives them further away.


Guest editorial: It is wrong to neglect the persecuted

It is inexcusable for one to use religious faith as a justification for ignoring the cries of the oppressed.


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