Editorial: The sweet joy of not being dead. Yet.

Don’t wait until your demise is tweeted or your death is exaggerated to evaluate your one beautiful, painful, joyous, confusing, surprising, outlandish, never-to-be-duplicated life.


Richard Ray: Pastors, love and care for your children

Pastors have the responsibility to shepherd their church; however, they also have the responsibility to raise up their family in the Lord.


René Maciel: Celebrate at Texas Baptists’ meeting in Waco, November 13-15

Mark your calendars and make plans to attend the Bapitst General Convention of Texas annual meeting in Waco, Nov. 13-15.


Letter: Vote to “further God’s purpose”

"Social injustice and immigration reform can only be addressed when the lives of the most innocent are protected first."


2nd Opinion: The word we fear (think “failure”)

Every church, both large and small, should not fear failure but realize the purposes and future of God in their unique communities.


René Maciel: Compassionate community in the storm

We can help the people who comprise Baylor University to get up, stand by them, and most importantly, we can pray for them through the darkness. They need us, and we need them.


2nd Opinion: Americans must heed Obama’s call for a moral awakening

A well-formed Christian conscience cannot be untroubled by what happened when the first atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima in August 1945, or by the danger and unfathomable devastation nuclear weapons pose today.


Commentary: Living from the inside out

Parker Palmer, author and founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal, offers advice to university graduates that applies to just about everyone. (On Being)


Letters: Baylor, voting, education

Letters this week include commentary on the sexual abuse scandal at Baylor University, as well as editorials on Texas' school-funding system and Christian voting.


Editorial: Should Baylor be a nation or a family?

Which is accurate or more desirable: "Baylor Nation" or "Baylor family"? The university's self-descriptions provide a metaphor for considering its identity crisis.


Editorial: Baylor places values ahead of victories

The sexual assault scandal at Baylor University broke our hearts, but under the board of regents, the university is living up to its Baptist Christian ideals. Whatever happens on the football field, at least we can be proud of Baylor once again.

Oregon: Fostering community and loving neighbors

Oregon: Fostering community and loving neighbors

Missions in the Pacific Northwest looks vastly different from missions in a place like Sudan. But the Lord has used my time here to show me how the objective behind both is the same—to make disciples as we follow him in our respective contexts.

Editorial: Searching souls as we decide how to vote

Editorial: Searching souls as we decide how to vote

Many Christians have made abortion their political litmus test. Should other issues disqualify presidential candidates from fitness for office?

Letter: Need to tell the whole story

Letter: Need to know the whole story

Reader challenges editor to examine "what's even more immoral" about public education and the Texas Legislature.

René Maciel: Don't quit now!

Maciel: Don't quit now!

It is not a sprint. It is a journey, run with endurance. It is a race God has set before you.


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