BGCT president: Texas Baptists exist for the church

The denominational work in Texas may not be perfect, but God is using this denominational work to bring others into the saving knowledge of Christ. The convention exists for the church, and the church needs your help to once again be a factor in our communities.

Les Hollon

Leslie Hollon: A heart, head and hand ministry

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Leslie Hollon, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio.


Voices: Government, God and radical hospitality

Whether we believe government is evil, neutral or a force for good, maybe being “wise as serpents” means using it to empty ourselves of our savior complex, so that we can practice the radical hospitality Jesus calls us to.

cellphone fight

Voices: Harsh words and the state of our hearts

What we say and how we say it matters. Jesus tells us, “Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” What do your words and the way in which you say those words say about the state of your heart?

world hands

Voices: Rethinking church and American politics in a fractious election year

God can work through whoever Americans elect as president, and claiming otherwise, no matter how much we dislike a candidate, is claiming a limitation on the power of God.

angel view

Editorial: As much as ever, America must hear from our ‘better angels’

In the wake of the most divisive presidential campaign of our lifetimes, U.S. Christians must live up to our ideals by modeling reconciliation, demanding reform, standing up for our values and protecting the vulnerable.

fork road

Commentary: What do we do now?

This election like few others will set the course of our nation for decades to come. Your involvement is a privilege paid with the lives of others. Few people on earth have this privilege. Vote. Pray. Proclaim the hope we have in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Smith’s life illustrated God’s faithfulness

This week's letter focuses on the life of James Smith, former president of the Southern Baptist Brotherhood Commission, who died recently.

Dennis Wiles

Dennis Wiles: Front-row seat to watch God’s transforming power

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Dennis Wiles, pastor of First Baptist Church in Arlington.

bowed pray

Voices: Knees bowed and hands high—how to live in a fear-driven culture

Even when we fear, we can be sure God will magnificently exceed our expectations—to his everlasting honor and to our everlasting joy.


2nd Opinion: Respond to the cry of the elderly

Ministry to the elderly and their caregivers is a wide-open—and needed—opportunity for congregations.


Guest editorial: Provide retirement benefits for church staff members

With a minimum investment each month, any church can start a retirement program and help its staff members one day retire with dignity.


Editorial: In this political season, practice civility

Here’s the broad, long-lasting issue behind our current election malaise: Disrespect is the root of our national incivility.

bgct logo

BGCT president: Election 2016; it's time to vote

It's time to vote. It's also time for us who call on the name of God to show our allegiance and to pray.


Voices: Baptists, remember your history in 2016

Baptists were born out of a reaction against the mingling of religion and political power, which doesn’t work out well for anybody for very long. Christianity is designed in such a way that it does not need “power” of this sort to survive and grow.

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