Editorial: Government should not unite the U.S. under ‘one God’

The idea of the government advocating only one concept of religious belief is a step onto a slippery slope that descends to 1930s Germany, the Soviet gulag and the crammed cities of today’s China. Where only one view of religion is acceptable, horror reigns.


Howie Batson: 'Bringing the hope of the gospel’

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Howie Batson, pastor of First Baptist Church in Amarillo.


Voices: Place ethics ahead of political considerations

A trio of biblical themes—hope, cross and community—provide a lens through which a Christian may examine political candidates and policies and make moral choices.


Guest editorial: Praise God for a caring Savior

Jesus understood his followers needed both spiritual food and physical food. God cares about every detail of our lives, every single one.

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2nd Opinion: Roads to Rome, and poor sermons

What’s the difference between a great sermon and a very poor sermon? Jesus.


Letters: Trump and justice; struggling with homosexuality

Letters this week question Donald Trump’s sincerity about injustice and strive to help people “struggling with homosexuality.”

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René Maciel: Baptist Standard & HighGround Advisors

This week's Baptist General Convention of Texas presidential column focuses on HighGround Advisors and the Baptist Standard.

Kaepernick kneeling

Editorial: Stand up for the patriots who kneel

Even if you don’t agree with athletes who kneel during the National Anthem, that doesn’t mean you can dismiss their point. Whatever you think of the protest, we still need to do something about racial inequality in America.


Go and vote

This week's letter counters last week's "2nd Opinion" column and appeals to Christian to vote.

Jacob struggles

Voices: An appeal for honesty in church

Our churches must be places where we can be honest with one another, where we can say we are bruised and our faith is faintly burning. … We all need the healing power of honest community.


Voices: So your life is being sifted—how Christlike

Just as Jesus’ desert temptations shaped his ministry, the shifting and changing and sorting that occurs in our lives provides opportunities for finding what God has prepared for us.


Voices: Why we do boring things

I hope what I learn while serving on a board helps me be a better dad by helping me encourage my children to grow outside of themselves and their immediate surroundings, making good decisions that will affect people far from them in space and time.


In Touch: Prayer, offering, anniversaries, HSU, DBU, conclave, annual meeting

BGCT Executive Director David Hardage reports about goings-on around the state.


Guest editorial: Consciences—distressed and dissenting

Think political dissent has no connection to grace and gospel? Tell that to Fannie Lou Hamer. And your own conscience. (BNG)


George Mason: ‘Docent in the museum of grace’

This week, our profile of Texas Baptist ministers highlights George Mason, pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas.

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