first amendment

2nd Opinion: Christians should support freedom for all faiths and for no faith

When Christians demand religious freedom for ourselves and do not speak up for others, we miss the teaching of Jesus, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12).

football and violence

Guest editorial: Why Americans should quit watching football

We should refuse to watch and otherwise support football until it fundamentally changes its relationship with violence.

Pew Center Muslims

Editorial: Facts, not fear, provide way forward for Muslim relationships

Muslims' opinions of America are improving in many countries, and most Muslims despise the Islamic State.

New York: Meeting people without hope

New York: Meeting people without hope

Student Missions Blog: In the months leading up to my mission trip to New York, one word kept surfacing in conversations with friends and family. As I began to process events after the trip, I noticed that same word seemed to lace itself through the week. That word was hope.

Mission Arlington: The week that changed my life

Mission Arlington: The week that changed my life

Student Missions Blog: Go Now Missions gave me an amazing opportunity to serve at Mission Arlington, and my view on people changed entirely. God brought me to Arlington so I could connect with the people served by Mission Arlington.

Antonin Scalia

Analysis: Scalia is wrong on Constitution & religion

If government can favor religion over nonreligion, people of faith and of no faith eventually will suffer.

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Letter: Standard still "going south"

I am still amazed at the way Baptist churches, organizations and publishing groups keep changing the way they do things in order to connect/gain the younger generation never seeming to understand that the younger folks aren't the ones doing the financial supporting.

I knew the Baptist Standard was “going south” when the format was changed—how many times now? I remember when I was a teen how we would receive the Standard when it was in magazine format. That was a great magazine. Then it went to a newspaper style to be more in tune with the times, I guess. Very wrong move. Then became a slick magazine (CommonCall) with really not much content at all.

We will just have to wait and see if the next move is to do away with it completely. So sad.

Mick Tahaney

Port Arthur

junk food

Right or Wrong? 'Think on these things'

With God's help, we can transform our thinking and enrich our lives.

bgct logo

René Maciel: Let’s be agents of compassion & change

Texas Baptists must be agents of change by going into our neighborhoods and making disciples.

gun violence

Guest editorial: America’s vigilante gun-love affair

The issue is not gun rights vs. gun control, but whether it's productive in the 21st century to continue the culture of vigilantism.


2nd Opinion: Muslim clerics must reject notions of non-Muslim inferiority

To stem the tide of Islamophobia, Muslim leaders much teach their followers to stop regarding non-Muslims as inferior.

2016 new year

Editorial: The year ahead & what to do about it

We can't predict what will happen in this new year, but we can take steps to live faithfully and redemptively, no matter what.

Student Missions Blog

Arlington: God provides

Student Missions Blog: My regular job at Mission Arlington was providing child care, but on my third day, I worked in the front office to help people who needed food, clothes, assistance paying bills or other aid.


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