New York: Lessons learned from a third-grader

New York: Learning from a third-grader

Students Missions Blog: Kids are so funny and capable of making you think about really profound stuff.

Peru: From culture shock to continuing mission

Peru: From culture shock to continuing mission

Student Missions Blog: During the two months I served as a summer mission in Peru, there were times when I was hungry, times when I was cold and times when I missed my family. I was ready to step off that plane onto American soil—or so I thought.

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Editorial: Twin powers of humility and apology

Humility and apologies seem like almost too much to expect of presidential candidates, at least this year. But maybe these relationship-building virtues can percolate from the bottom up if we start practicing them ourselves.


Letters: Baylor regents' transparency and death penalty commutation

Letters this week focus on the transparency of the Baylor University board of regents and Baptist ministers’ call to halt the execution of Jeff Wood.

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Guest editorial: The radicality of being OK

Is God really as anxious about God’s glory, God’s plan, God’s place in the world, God’s honor, and God’s power as we might imagine? (I’m Eric Minton)


2nd Opinion: Praying for political leaders makes a significant difference

We pray for politicians because prayer may ignite a reminder to care for children, pursue justice or restrain evil in the mind of a legislator or other official.

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Dante Wright: Leading people to ‘aha moments’

The second installment of “Deep in the Hearts of Texans” features Dante Wright, pastor of Sweet Home Baptist Church—known as the Pinnacle of Praise—in Round Rock.

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BGCT president: ‘Follow Your Leader'

Texas Baptists' Super Summer camps provide students with optimal opportunity to grow spiritually, to develop leadership skills, to meet other students from all over the state and to learn how to share their faith.

Orlando: Divine appointment at a fast-food restaurant

Orlando: Divine appointment at a fast-food restaurant

Student Missions Blog: The mission work does not end when the trip ends. ... Throughout our daily plans and schedules, God is present—anointing conversations and authoring divine appointments with perfect precision.

Brazil: Serving in spite of fear

Brazil: Serve in spite of fear

Student Missions Blog: I am called to be a missionary not because of where I am going, but because of who lives in my heart. Whether I go to a new place for a semester, or just for a week, or even if I stay where I am, I am called to make disciples.

 California: Learning lessons while picking peaches

California: Learning lessons while picking peaches

Student Missions Blog: There is a reason God is bringing the world’s most unreached people to our nation. One day, all these trees will be ripe, and the many years of laboring, looking and watering will all be worth it. 

Canada: God provides

Canada: God provides

Student Missions Blog: We recently finished our fourth week of Kids Rock Summer Camp, and I have been amazed at how God has provided in countless ways.


Letter: Exchanging Great Commission for politics

A letter this week ponders the implications of Christians' temptation to strive politically rather than influence spiritually.


Editorial: Bridging the 2016 political divide

In this election year, political tension stretches tightest between fellow Christians who seek to do God’s will in the voting booth but feel the Lord leading them in opposite directions.


What is your life?

We must learn to live life in the Lord’s will, for his will allows us to live life to the fullest.


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