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Bivocational/Small Church conference set in July

Today, I would like to share how the Bivocational/Small Church Association cares about those who serving in the small church ministry field. 

Texas Baptist Voices

In Touch: Preaching in Seminole and Garland

I had a wonderful morning Feb. 16 at South Seminole Baptist Church in Seminole. Thanks to Ricky Guenther for allowing me time in his pulpit. It was a blessing.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: The rise of the diminished, ordinary God

Do you believe in a god who can change the course of events on earth?

Down Home

Down Home: Just call it job security

The other day, Joanna asked me to get up from my chair in the den, walk into the kitchen and open a jar. I didn’t mind helping my wife. Not one bit. Just call it job security.

Texas Baptist Voices

The theology of church architecture

Allow me this week to introduce you to a team of “architectural theologians.” 

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: No need for movie Bible study

A so-called Bible study based upon the movie Son of God makes no sense. Open up the Bible and teach what is written there.


Editorial: Defining ‘influential churches’ is a complicated task

How would you identify an “influential” church? I had to answer that question recently.

Texas Baptist Voices

Congregational perspectives & accurate information

Texas Baptist Voices / Jeff Johnson: I thought I would have a few of my congregational members introduce themselves to you this week. As you meet them, ask whether your church includes any or all of these folks as well.

Texas Baptist Voices

Remember your calling

Texas Baptist Voices / Richard Ray: I’m writing this article as I prepare to take part in a funeral service of a dear lady who went on to be with the Lord. She was fiery, loved the Lord and loved the music of Elvis Presley.


Editorial: ‘Wouldn’t change a thing’ just doesn’t add up

Too bad people can’t jump into a year of late middle age—say, 57 or 63—and then go back to high school and live the rest of life in light of the knowledge they gained.

Student Missions Blog

Africa: Serving in dangerous places

Student Missions Blog: The most rewarding part of interviewing people for articles is getting to hear stories I might never hear otherwise. For instance, I am in the process of writing an article for a story about a couple who recently served in Uganda. 

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Why I’m not leaving the church

I cannot leave the church. It is where I met God, where I meet God and where God continues to speak to me.

Student Missions Blog

New York: Planting seeds during a cold winter

Student Missions Blog: We have experienced several winter storms here in New York City, and I’ve pretty much had it. 

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Situational ethics

People sometimes criticize ethical decisions by claiming they are shaped by pluralism or relativism. Is that wrong? Shouldn't we consider the ethical layers that make up a situation's context when we make a decision?


Letters: America’s beautiful diversity

Thank you for the beautiful editorial about “America the Beautiful.” 

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