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Our churches are becoming islands.

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"The pop-theological mainstream of American evangelicals has so thoroughly assimilated the ideal of American capitalism that any deviation, however modest, from it is tantamount to radical godless humanism." --Scott Galupo

2nd Opinion: Between spirituality & religion

The gap between spirit and institution not only is problematic for religious organizations. The gap exists in business, where work and craft have been replaced by venture capital and profitability; in politics, where the common good and democracy are crushed by partisanship and corporate money; in education, where critical thought and the humanities are sacrificed to test scores.

IN TOUCH: From Waxahachie to New Braunfels

David Hardage continues his trek around Texas to survey the varied ministries of Texas Baptists.

Right or Wrong? Authentic relevance

How can churches move beyond mouthing an empty phrase and become truly relevant?

DOWN HOME: Nobody home but us guys & the dog

The Great Moment finally arrived for Ezra, my one and only grandchild, and me. His mama, Lindsay, and grandmama, Joanna, left us home alone together under the careful supervision of my dog, Topanga.

EDITORIAL: Did God really tell you to do that?

How should we—finite human beings—determine, much less claim, the will of infinite God Almighty?

Experiencing a Bhutanese wedding

Bhutanese weddingA few days ago, I had my first experience attending a traditional Hindu Bhutanese wedding.


2nd Opinion: Getting reacquainted with Jesus

A soft-spoken philosopher who wanders the countryside while telling heart-warming stories doesn't end up on a cross.


"I know I'm part of the body of Christ, but sometimes I feel like an appendix."

IN TOUCH: From Congreso, to Dallas, to camps

Texas Baptist Executive Director David Hardage continues to travel the state, speaking at conferences and listening to those involved in the state convention's varied ministries.

Texas Baptist Forum

I read the story about the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship conference on sexuality in both the Baptist Standard and the rival state Baptist group's paper. I am not completely sure if it was the same conference or not.

Quotes in the News

Public debate today gives the impression that God cares about two issues in 21st- century USA—abortion rates and tax relief. --Ray Waddle

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