Watchman on the wall

Baptist Standard: Watchman on the wall

Presnall H. Wood served as editor of the Baptist Standard from 1977 to 1995. As part of our 125th anniversary celebration, here are excerpts from his next-to-last editorial, published in the Dec. 6, 1995, edition of the Baptist Standard:

The Standard and Kennedy's election

The Baptist Standard and Kennedy's election

As part of the Baptist Standard's 125th anniversary celebration, Walker Knight, Standard associate editor under Editor E. S. James, recalls the interaction between James and then-candidate John F. Kennedy concerning the issue of separation of church and state.

Change, constancy and truth-telling

Change, constancy and truth-telling

Baptist Standard Editor Marv Knox reflects on the Standard's 125th anniversary this month.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Secular companies have more integrity than LifeWay

We will never step foot in a Lifeway store again. Most secular companies would have had more integrity.

Student Missions Denton

Denton: God breaks the chains that bind

Student Missions Blog: I am wrapping up my time at the University of North Texas Baptist Student Ministry, reflecting on how good God has been to us this semester.

Student Missions Blog

New York: Coats for the City

Student Missions Blog: This past week, we had nearly 90 volunteers at the association as thousands of coats arrived from North Carolina for our Coats for the City project.


Letters: Just the facts on Glorieta

I would like to know two things: Whether the sale of homes in 2011 and assurance that Glorieta would continue can be proven; and whether proof exists that Glorieta has lost money for the last 20 years.

In Touch

In Touch: Grateful for our grandchild

 I am especially grateful this season, because of the birth of Anne Marie Hardage, Kathleen’s and my first grandchild. 


Editorial: LifeWay's dodge on Glorieta

Homeowners at Glorieta Conference Center deserve the first item on their Christmas wish list—their day in court.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Why celebrate Christmas?

Some argue we shouldn't observe Christmas because it's a Christianized pagan holiday, or because it promotes a misguided belief in Santa Claus, or it's too materialistic.  But Joe B. Hewitt says there are plenty of reasons to mark the birth of Jesus.

RIght or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Training for laity

Rhetoric abounds about the need for ministerial education, but what about leadership training for laity? Are we missing opportunities for addressing church health?

Down Home

Down Home: Christmas in stages this year

Christmas is arriving in stages this year, sort of, thanks some to complicated family logistics.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: More on Race in sentencing

Many people grow up in a bad environment, in poverty, with drugs, etc. But many also escape from their situation. Why is it that we Christians keep on blaming the environment for people’s sinful behavior.


Editorial: Advent points to hope beyond the secular season

Christmas has been and will continue to be co-opted by secular society. And with good reason, if you think about it.

Down Home

Down Home: Don’t criticize a woman until you’ve shaved a mile with her razor

An ankle injury forces Marv to apologize to women everywhere for his insensitivity. Shaving your legs actually is hard.

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