IN FOCUS: After the annual meeting, ignite hope

The question as we leave the annual meeting behind must be, "What do we take with us?"

2nd Opinion: 10 myths of frazzled Christianity

We have embraced a theology that leads us to anything but abundant living. Let me suggest 10 myths of frazzled Christianity that sabotage our joy.

Quotes in the News

"Too often, hearing sermons is like repeating first grade over and over, with just variations on the same themes."  --Clara Thompson

Right or Wrong? Question about the Trinity

Sometime back, I heard, "The Holy Spirit is the ethicist of the Trinity." If this is not blasphemous, is it true?

DOWN HOME: Kairos moments & computer screens

I'm going to set the clock of my heart to kairos time. I plan on thoroughly absorbing the moments I spend with Ezra.

EDITORIAL: BGCT actions define relationships

Texas Baptists talked and talked about relationships at our annual meeting in Amarillo this past week. But as the old saying goes, talk is cheap. We will define our relationships by how we act throughout the year.

The Bible lives forever, even if the KJV is copyrighted

The Bible is more than just a book. But the British Crown actually owns the copyright to the King James Bible, which has been renewed upon the accession of each succeeding monarch since King James himself.

2nd Opinion: Make the most of life -- forever

Steve Jobs never placed his faith in Jesus Christ, but we still can learn from his life and death.


Cartoon: "Now, quit sinning and get these last two outs."

IN FOCUS: Read, memorize & share 'the book'

The China Bible exhibit --a presentation of historic Bibles and artifacts-- will be on display Oct. 30 through Nov. 3 at Northwest Bible Church in Dallas.

Texas Baptist Forum: Christian Zionism

If "Professors denounce 'Christian Zionism'" (Sept. 12) represents the direction of the Baptist faith, I will worship at another Christian church.

Quotes in the News

"I believe God does bless a nation that honors him and his word, and he rejects a nation that dishonors him and his word. So, as a private citizen and as an American, I felt like I ought to use personally whatever influence I might have to try to elect a godly leader and place him in the White House." --Robert Jeffress

Right or Wrong? Relationship with a departing pastor

Our minister's last Sunday in the pulpit is coming soon. We have had a wonderful relationship. How should our church and our current minister relate during the interim and after we call a new pastor?
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