Video surveys & divine appointments

One of the ways we help Inside Out church as the congregation is trying to get started here in Fort Collins, Colo., is by doing video surveys downtown.

Candy and Jesus

Candy and JesusLast week offered my teammates and me a welcome change of pace—serving in Vacation Bible School.

Knowing neighbors

Every Tuesday, we visit a few families from the church who live in the countryside.

Gospel seeds, rocky soil

I’ve been learning to never doubt when, where or how God will use one of his servants.

Living missionally, building relationships

So often, sharing our faith with a neighbor means to walk up and invite him to church. But for many, it seems church is becoming an outdated way to persuade the world.

Opinion: Truth and ‘Baptist Holy War’ casualties

“Truth is the first casualty of war,” the old adage proclaims. Consequently, a couple of truth-tellers became early victims of the Baptist Holy War.

Boldly sharing the gospel

One day we went to the house of a girl named Kelly from church.


“About the fruit of the Spirit: Does a raspberry from sliding into second count?"

2nd Opinion: Bigger barns & mega-churches

How can we justify multi-million-dollar fund-raising campaigns for mega-churches when on any given day, 79,000 people in Texas live on the streets?

IN FOCUS: God listens for our cries for revival

Revival does not come through the courts, or the state house, or Wall Street, or public schools. It comes when God’s people get right with him.

Texas Baptist Forum

Nothing has disappointed me more than Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary dropping insurance coverage of her retired staff/employees.

Quotes in the News

“If the new conservative coalition is going to be a governing coalition, it’s going to have to have a significant number of Hispanics in it." -- Richard Land

RIGHT or WRONG? Repenting of racism

How can our church correct a long-standing issue of racial prejudice?

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