Uncomfortable and loving it

Saturday night at Fun Spot was insanely busy, so when I saw the smiling faces of the other missionaries coming to visit us at work, I was beyond thrilled.

A piece of my heart

Two weeks ago, I boarded a plane for Grand Goave, Haiti, not knowing what to expect — except that God was about to do something radical within my heart. Did he ever!

The Lord added to their number

The Scripture passage for a daily Bible study seemed to summarize what my summer in South Korea should be all about.



The blessing of a pillow

After a full week in big-city Philadelphia, things are beginning to feel more comfortable.

First person: Cultivating my son's heart for missions

On Father's Day, our oldest son, Tim, will be on a seven-week mission trip in South Asia, part of Fusion Impact, a unique, hands-on mission experience for high school students.


Fast-paced life in Philly

Since the team and I have been in Philadelphia, we have seen God do amazing things.

Conquering fear

I didn’t really expect to encounter problems before I even arrived on the field for my summer missions assignment. 

A God-shaken snow globe

I am a missions freak. Ever since I was 13 and sensed God calling me to the mission field, I have felt a pull toward missions that I can't fight.

Texas Baptist Forum: Casual faith?

Do you think the general public is becoming more casual about faithfulness to the Lord?

Quotes in the News

"An alternate name and the election of a president of color—both laudable steps forward in the pursuit of racial harmony—will not ultimately solve the Southern Baptist Convention's race problem. Southern Baptists need a change of heart." --Jonathan Merritt

2nd Opinion: Lesson from a law-abiding citizen

Frustrated by a car traveling at the speed limit, this busy mom had time to reflect on some larger life issues.


IN TOUCH: A Christian, history & a thought

I have completed my second Executive Board meeting, and I'm delighted so many people give of their time to serve our convention.

Reading the Culture: Should Israel attack Iran?

Israel's future is more uncertain today than at any time since 1973, primarily because of the looming specter that is Iran. The most recent edition of World Affairs Journal carries a fascinating exchange on the question: Should Israel attack Iran?

Right or Wrong? Worldview change

The late missiologist Paul Heibert said Christian evangelism typically advocates changes in behavior and belief, but most of all, it should demand a change in worldview. Surely this is not what Jesus intended for his disciples, is it?

DOWN HOME: Stuff I learned from my grandson

Our summer got off to a great start. Our grandson, Ezra, spent three nights and parts of four days with Joanna and me. This was his first time to stay overnight apart from his mom and dad in his almost-17-month-old little life.

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