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What is the point of running an editorial that downplays the theological beliefs of Mormons in deference to their conservatism, and then running a spread about how misunderstood they are?

Quotes in the news

"Life is short. The world is fragile. All of us are vulnerable, but we are here because this is our calling. Our lives are rooted not only in time, but also in eternity, and the life of learning, humbly offered to God, is its own reward." --C.S. Lewis

2nd Opinion: Beware of traps; enjoy the ride

A minister recently asked me what major traps most often snare ministers when they move to a new congregation. Great question! Healthy churches and ministers pay attention to potential trouble spots and act proactively to avoid getting derailed early in their relationship.


"It's Paul and Moses—part of my Bible-head collection."

Right or Wrong? Women deacons

Our policies dictate we will not ordain women, either as deacons or ministers. But our church has few men, and they are elderly. Soon, we may not have any active deacons. What can we do?

In Touch: First words from the new BGCT leader

Hello, Texas Baptists. This is my first article in the Baptist Standard as your new executive director.

DOWN HOME: Undulating weather and divine wisdom

Raise your hand if you—or your sinuses, or the local plants—are confused by the weather.

EDITORIAL: Lessons from a political dogfight

President Obama's latest run-in with U.S. Catholic bishops provided what parents like to call a "teachable moment." Whether Americans learned a lesson is anybody's guess.

God our refuge & strength

One night when I was serving in Moldova, I came across Psalm 46. God was telling me how great he is and how powerful he is.  So, in the presence of an earthquake or mountains rumbling or any situation, be still and know that he is God.


Cartoon: "We're Israelites—can we have pigtails?"

Texas Baptist Forum

We must monitor those who represent us in office. It's not about race, sex or economics—just plain and straight how their votes line up with God's word.

Quotes in the News

"It's pretty simple: Marriage is between a man and a woman. … The effort to create alternatives to marriage between a man and a woman are perfectly natural pagan behaviors, but they are a fundamental violation of our civilization." --Newt Gingrich

2nd Opinion: Three cheers for 'average'

When I read about the life and ministry of Jesus, one of the things that impresses me most is his love for ordinary people. Jesus went around to outcasts and sinners and people who didn't even make it to "average," and called them, affirmed them and loved them.

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