Ministering to deaf refugees

I never thought God would use my American Sign Language skills in a summer missions experience with refugees in Fort Worth, but the Lord has a way of bringing things together.


Texas Baptist Forum

God instituted marriage and family. One man; one woman.

Quotes in the News

"Any time there is pride, whether it is spiritual pride or intellectual pride or theological pride, it is always a sin. An attitude of superiority with those who may disagree with the finer aspects of theological beliefs is never going to build up the Church of Jesus Christ." --Bryant Wright

2nd Opinion: A new way of being Christian

Two-thirds of Americans believe we have a major problem with civility. More than seven in 10 agree social behaviors are ruder than before.

IN TOUCH: Visiting a trio of conventions

A tour to the Southern Baptist, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and Hispanic conventions in June blessed us in many ways.

Reading the Culture: The Cuban Missile Crisis, 50 years later

At the anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, scholars re-emphasize that leaders need time to make the best decisions.

RIGHT or WRONG? Pastoral duties

What pastoral duties drain your character development? What pastoral responsibilities help you grow?

DOWN HOME: Andy, Mayberry & a slice of heaven

The Andy Griffith Show always felt like a love letter to small-town America, a paean to the joy of basic values, such as kindness, decency, humility and respect.


EDITORIAL: Workers join God in co-creation

Is Monday your best or worst day of the week? Either answer isn't good if you're trying to lead a God-centered life.


Mission Denton: Making Disciples

Mission DentonMy first impressions of Mission Denton were not what I had imagined. It actually turned out to be much more intensive than I had originally thought—which is great!


God's hand on hearts

 I have seen God's hands in every aspect of Mission Arlington.

Spiritual warfare

I was excited to return this summer to the ministry in East Asia that I had worked with over Christmas break.

Religious Expression in American Public Life: A Joint Statement

In celebration of July 4th, and with the hope that this item will be useful to religious communities and candidates during the election season, the Center for Religion and Public Affairs at Wake Forest University Divinity School has re-released this joint statement of current law on religious expression in American public life today.


Opened eyes

When I first received my assignment to serve in Philadelphia, I had feelings of excitement, nervousness and wonder. 

Beauty from the ashes

The Colorado fires have had a huge effect on the community here in Fort Collins. However, instead of tearing it apart it has brought people together. There is a sense of purpose and camaraderie, even in the face of immeasurable loss.

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