Editorial: Receiving truth from ‘others’

One of the great challenges of following Jesus involves learning from estranged Christians and—gasp!—unbelievers. Most Christians believe we possess divine truth. So, we’re naturally disinclined to receive truth from “others.”

Students South Asia

South Asia: Light breaks through darkness

When we arrived, we found out four girls were very sick, and the supervisor suggested some of the girls were being attacked spiritually.

South Asia

South Asia: Divine appointments

This summer, I have been praying for divine appointments in South Asia. Honestly, my heart hurts deeply for this place. 

British Columbia

British Columbia: God’s timing

We spent all morning setting up for our community-wide block party with help from the 300-member Prestonwood Baptist Church youth choir. 

South Asia human trafficking

South Asia: Rescue and restoration

Students On Mission Blog: The organization we are working with here in South Asia focuses on rescuing girls from human trafficking before they cross an international border.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: SBC flip-flopped on abortion

(UPDATED) Why has the SBC flip-flopped on abortion?

Kingdom Gathering

Commentary: It was a kingdom gathering

It was kind of surreal to see Texas Baptists’ different cultures and languages together as one—mixing, mingling, conversing. It felt right.

Childhood mortality

Right or Wrong? Childhood mortality rates

I heard someone say our sensitivity to global childhood mortality reflects our Christian character. What does that mean?

Parable of the tools

2nd Opinion: Parable of the tools

Some years ago, R.T. Moore penned an interesting parable based on the words of the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:9. It seems the Carpenter’s tools had a conference.

Texas Baptist Family Gathering

Editorial: Pentecost in San Antonio

For a few days this month, Texas Baptists experienced something like a modern-day Pentecost.

South Asia

South Asia: Working in darkness

I am currently learning a lot about the power of the Holy Spirit. South Asia is immersed in darkness and depravity.

death penalty

Letters: Capital Punishment

Roger Olson’s article on capital punishment ignores reality and makes capital punishment a Christian issue, which it is not.


Savannah: God’s Amazing Grace

The day was moving along like normal her at The Living Vine Maternity Home in Savannah, Ga. Then another missionary, Hailey, told me Dawn, our newest resident, was sitting on the floor in her room, with all her things packed and ready to go.

Students Russia

Russia: What am I doing with my life?

I often ask: “What am I doing with my life?” Sometimes I say it in jest. Other times, I honestly ask myself and ask God. And from each, I often get no answer.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Christians and capital punishment

To this day, the majority of Americans favor capital punishment for certain crimes, in spite of—or perhaps because of—the almost overwhelming negative judgment about it on the parts of intellectuals and writers.

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