Preparing spiritually

As I leave for Colorado, I have to say: “Goodbye, Texas heat. I won’t miss you.”  I have the opportunity to serve the next two months through Go Now Missions as a summer missionary in Fort Collins/Loveland, Colo., where I will work with several church planters.



Greater than my comprehension

My prayer before I went to Haiti on a medical mission was for God to show me more of who he is and how he loves. It was not until Sunday morning that I realized how all-knowing God is.

Learning lessons along the way

God began working on me, teaching me lessons even before I arrived at my missions assignment in Florida.

Learning about putting an end to hunger

Hunger FarmMorning began with a visit to the World Hunger Relief farm near Waco. We learned what the Farm Bill is and how it applies to the issue of food distribution.


2nd Opinion: Border violence & Christian faith

Christians are not called to a life of comfort but to one in which we do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God. Violence in Mexico is challenging our fidelity to that vision and our love of the brethren.

In Touch: From Baylor to Austin, Tyler & Bartlett

I begin by thanking Jim Denison for his willingness to continue serving our Texas Baptist family as our theologian-in-residence.

Texas Baptist Forum

Disappointed by Baptist Conference on Sexuality.

Quotes in the News

"When people make grandiose claims about 'God's will' and 'American values' and demonize others who hold different views, we haven't just channeled a tragic yesterday and its wars and pogroms. We have poisoned the well of community on which our nation depends today and made a mockery of God and faith." --Tom Ehrich

Right or Wrong? Religious Bigotry

Some Baptists cite Baptist patriarch Thomas Helwys' 17th century advocacy for religious liberty for all, but they still make racist comments about Jews and/or Muslims. How can we help them reconcile this contradiction?

Down Home: The best 25 cents spent on spring vacation

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes, then what's a couple of tablets of Meclizine worth?

EDITORIAL: Why I stopped urging, 'Take care'

Take CareFor several years, I closed emails with "Take care." But "take care" is lousy advice and even worse theology.



Jesus, the original child advocate.

Texas Baptist Forum

Human-caused global warming is a pure political lie.

2nd Opinion: Make end-of-life decisions today

"Dignity" and "responsibility" are the words that come to mind when I speak with families of hospital patients about advance-care planning.

IN TOUCH: From Bryan to McKinney to Richmond

First Baptist in Bryan has worked in Estonia 20 years, and while I was in Bryan, I met the president of the Estonia Baptist Federation, who was there to celebrate the anniversary of that cooperative work.

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