Peru Ruiz

Peru: Hungry for more

Student Missions Blog: I had asked three of the kids from the children’s ministry and feeding program if they wanted to help me paint some posters for a party I am planning for them.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Individualism vs. kiononia

Does American individualism undercut the growth of Christianity and hasten the decline of the church?

Down Home

Down Home: Down on the rug, catching plastic fish

When I last visited with my grandson, we ended up on the rug, catching plastic fish.

In Touch

In Touch: Two months 'til Christmas

As you read this, please know we are now less than two months away from Christmas. Just a reminder!

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Editorial independence

It is a bad day when Christian news has to be controlled by powers of the church fathers.


Editorial: Fertility, evangelism & American Christianity

The future of Christianity in America may be determined by whether there’s enough womb for the faithful. Pardon the pun. But that’s the truth.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Sports stars shouldn’t replace true heroes

We have set ourselves up for failure. We have equated athletic ability with morality, and that is our mistake. 

Students Peru

Peru: Prayer is powerful

Student Missions Blog: Prayer is powerful. As we Sunday school teachers gathered to pray for our students, I felt a fire burn in my heart for the lesson I was to teach that day.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Background checks

I see a lot of problems with background checks.


Editorial: Halloween, culture & faith in the real world

Don’t be creeped out, but Halloween is sneaking up on us.

Students Denton

Denton: Hard times, hard hearts

Student Missions Blog: I am learning when you make the conversation about meeting their needs and hearing about their lives, the Holy Spirit moves.

Student blog Peru

Peru: Feeding the hungry

Student Missions Blog: Seeing the kids from the program and their involvement in my classroom makes my heart sing with joy.

In Touch

In Touch: The Kyle Lake Foundation

The BGCT team played in the Kyle Lake Foundation fundraiser golf tournament and actually did very well.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Bioethics and 'playing God'

3-D laser printers produce human tissue. Surgeons implant ears, noses and other tissues. Can you help me form an opinion about this technology?

Down Home

Down Home: Life is like a smudgy windshield

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a slump. I can’t get the windows in our cars clean. Especially inside the windshields.

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