Baylor Alumni Association

Letters: Baylor, BAA & a vineyard

The article on the proposed agreement between Baylor University and the Baylor Alumni Association reminds of the story of Naboth’s vineyard.

plumbing problems

Down Home: Check the simple solution first

When it comes to household repairs, I’m a beneficiary of low expectations.

In Touch

In Touch: UBA and Loving Houston

Our Texas Baptist cooperation with Union Baptist Association and its Loving Houston effort, conducted prior to the SBC annual meeting, was a wonderful example of our good partnership with UBA.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Defamation

A church fired a friend of mine from its staff. My friend insists the personnel committee engaged in defamation of character during the termination process. The committee claims, “Those laws don’t apply to us.” Is this true?

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Living out truth in the midst of turmoil

Our society has witnessed an amazing array of events in the past few weeks.

Supreme Court

Editorial: Voting rights decision rains on the Fourth

We are sidling up to a tenuous and tepid Independence Day this year.

Hospitality House

At Hospitality House: The power of puzzles

Friday nights are busy at the Hospitality House in Huntsville.

Living Vine

Student in Savannah: Free at last

My journey to The Living Vine Maternity Home in Savannah, Ga., has been divinely orchestrated. Like the unwed expectant mothers who are housed there, I have been pregnant.

St. Petersburg

Student in Russia: 'Why am I here?'

Living here is not easy. Why am I here? For the same reason that I am here on Earth.


Editorial: Breadcrumbs in the bellybutton and other stunts

If Ezra could articulate his thoughts, we could understand why he decided to start sticking breadcrumbs in his belly button and then eating them.

Faith Fuel

2nd Opinion: Faith Fuel

What do you expect to get out of going to church?

Letters, Denominations

Letters: Denominations

(UPDATED) Man evolves. So does the way he worships. If not, we’d still be sacrificing goats.

Mission Centers of Houston

Houston: Viewing a city through barbed wire

Missions Centers of Houston serves two neighborhoods in the inner city—Near North Side and Magnolia.

beach vacation

Down Home: Go down to the sea and be refreshed

From a meteorological standpoint, the earlier a beach vacation falls in the summer, the better. But you can’t control the weather.


2nd Opinion: Why do condolence notes never get easier to write?

In the face of death, we must accept we’ll most likely say the wrong thing—but say something we must.

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