Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Requiring theological education

Baptists in other parts of the world require pastors to receive theological education before they can serve churches. This seems to trump the Baptist distinctive of local-church autonomy. What do you think?


Editorial: Lessons learned from the JFK assassination

What can we learn from the stigma and shame Dallas felt in the assassination aftermath?

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Trying to teach globally

Suppose you were dealing with a group of well-read students who already know a lot about history, and particularly Christian history. What parts of this incredible story would you choose to focus on?


Editorial: Did God really make that mess?

Messes are a price of ultimate freedom, of human free will.

Letters: Tax-exempt status

Letters: Tax-exempt status

When churches complain about their inability to engage in politicking, they are only complaining about the cost of the tax-free status they have freely chosen to accept.


Wales: 'Couldn’t you carry me?'

One day a teenaged friend of mine, who is moving closer to knowing Christ, and I were playing basketball in the park, and he seemed to be moving slower than usual.

wales handson logo236When I asked what his problem was, he showed me a huge painful-looking blister that took up a small section on his foot. I suggested we go back to the house to give his wound a rest, and he offered no objections. He was moving even slower as we walked home, so I carried him on my back for the last stretch of the trip.

After lounging around the house for a while with some of the other summer missionaries, we realized it was time to go to an evening prayer meeting at a local chapel. We Americans were going to be the special guest that night. I told my friend he could stay at the house with the cooking team and wait for us to get finished.

"I want to go"

To my surprise he said, “But I want to go.”

I asked if he had ever gone to chapel before and he said, “No.”

I made sure that he knew that it was not a close walk there. He hesitated, looked down at his now bloody foot and said, “OK.” Looking out for his health, I commented that it may be a better idea for him stay this time so that we would not aggravate his blister more.

“I want to go, though,” he pleaded.

I told him there would be plenty more opportunities. After all, I will be staying here a few years. Very meekly looking at me and almost embarrassed to ask, he responded with, “Well…couldn’t you carry me?”

I finally got the picture

Complete shame hit me. What had I been doing? This guy who was not a part of the body of Christ was nearly begging me to let him experience a church no matter what the cost, and I, Mr. Missionary, was trying to talk him out of it.

As I carried Cameron on my back to the chapel, we had a super in-depth spiritual conversation about genuine faith. He asked me about it, because apparently he had read it in his Bible the night before. I explained to him the realities of faith and how significant God’s grace is.

God is revealing himself to this kid in rapid movements, and he is teaching me lessons while he is at it.

William Bowden, a recent graduate of Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and former Go Now missionary, is serving in Wales with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s Hands On missions program.

Peru Ruiz

Peru: Hungry for more

Student Missions Blog: I had asked three of the kids from the children’s ministry and feeding program if they wanted to help me paint some posters for a party I am planning for them.

Right or Wrong?

Right or Wrong? Individualism vs. kiononia

Does American individualism undercut the growth of Christianity and hasten the decline of the church?

Down Home

Down Home: Down on the rug, catching plastic fish

When I last visited with my grandson, we ended up on the rug, catching plastic fish.

In Touch

In Touch: Two months 'til Christmas

As you read this, please know we are now less than two months away from Christmas. Just a reminder!

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Editorial independence

It is a bad day when Christian news has to be controlled by powers of the church fathers.


Editorial: Fertility, evangelism & American Christianity

The future of Christianity in America may be determined by whether there’s enough womb for the faithful. Pardon the pun. But that’s the truth.

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion: Sports stars shouldn’t replace true heroes

We have set ourselves up for failure. We have equated athletic ability with morality, and that is our mistake. 

Students Peru

Peru: Prayer is powerful

Student Missions Blog: Prayer is powerful. As we Sunday school teachers gathered to pray for our students, I felt a fire burn in my heart for the lesson I was to teach that day.

Texas Baptist Forum

Letters: Background checks

I see a lot of problems with background checks.

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